Here’s a full preview* of our Concrete Pavement University (CPU) program held during ACPA’s 55th Annual Meeting at the Marriott Harbor Beach, Fort Lauderdale, FL. The 10th annual CPU event represents ACPA’s commitment to excellence in education, training, tech transfer, and peer discussions, all hallmarks of this popular event.  

(8:30 to 10 a.m.) CPU 1 – What Contractors Need to Know About Performance Engineered Mixtures (Ocean Salon I)

  • The latest information about efforts to advance PEM technology
  • Results from 2018 field trails
  • Updates on test methods and procedures

(8:30 to 10 a.m.) CPU 2 – Alternative Cement-Based Pavement Solutions (Ocean Salon III)

  • Growth of RCC in United States – Corey Zollinger, PE, Director – Paving Solutions, CEMEX
  • Cement Stabilization and Full-Depth Reclamation Market – Andrew Moss, Senior Market Intelligence Analyst, PCA
  • Performance Review of Precast Pavements in California – Tom Van Dam, PE, PhD, Principal, NCE

(10:30 to Noon) CPU 3 – Concrete Paving & Material Considerations (Ocean Salon I)

  • Shear Cracking Phenomena/Solutions – John Becker, PE, President, Pennsylvania Chapter – ACPA
  • New Data on Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Overlays – Dan Biddle, Vice President of Sales, Forta Corporation
  • Smoothness Profiling Considerations for Urban/Low-Speed Pavements – Steve Karamihas, Sr. Research Specialist, University of Michigan

(10:30 to Noon) CPU 4 – Construction & Jointing Issues: Part A  (Ocean Salon III)

  • Concrete Pavement Joint Sawing Study – Jim Crovetti, PhD, Director of Transportation Research Center, Marquette University
  • The Latest “MIT Scan” Equipment for Locating Dowels – Garry Aicken, PE, Technical Manager, KSE Testing Equipment
  • Agency Quality Concerns on Military Paving – Dr. Craig Rutland, Pavement Subject Mater Expert, Air Force Civil Engineering Center

(1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.) CPU 5 – Project Stories (Ocean Salon I)

  • Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement Resiliency – A Case Study, Lisa Lukefahr, Executive Director, Texas Concrete Pavement Association
  • Lessons Learned from Las Vegas’ Project NEON – Tom Van Dam, PE, PhD, Principal, NCE
  • The Largest Dowel Alignment Field Testing Study – Tyson Rupnow, PE, PhD, Associate Director, Louisiana Transportation Research Center (invited)

(1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.) CPU 6 – Construction & Jointing Issues: Part B (Ocean Salon III)

  • Blow-ups: The Enigma of the Concrete Paving Industry – Mitzi McIntyre, PE, Technical Sales Engineer, CTS Cement; Angela Folkestad, PE, Executive Director, Colorado-Wyoming Chapter—ACPA; and Kevin McMullen, PE, President; Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association
  • Shedding New Light on Profiler Measurement of Localized Roughness – Steve Karamihas, Senior Research Specialist, University of Michigan

(3:00 p.m.– 4:30 p.m.) CPU 7 – Silica Dust in the Real World (Ocean Salon I)

  • Our Presentation and Roundtable Panel Discussion will focus on:  Silica Dust Rule Enforcement, Dust Disposal Considerations, OSHA & EPA Perspectives, and other pertinent information. 

(3:00 p.m.– 4:30 p.m.) CPU 8 – Linking Concrete Paving to the 2040 Future (Ocean Salon III)

  • What Functionality Will the Highways of the Future Have? A Perspective – Dan Rozycki, President, The Transtec Group
  • State DOT Perspectives on Highways of the Future – Peter Kozinski, P.E., Director, RoadX Program, Colorado DOT, and Timothy J. Ruelke, P.E., Director, Office of Materials, Florida Department of Transportation (invited)
  • How Can ACPA Members Build the Highways of the Future? – A Facilitated Roundtable Discussion

* Please note times, which are shown in Eastern Standard Time, as well as room locations, are subject to change without notice. Breaks and luncheon are also scheduled, but not shown.