In support of the Cement Association of Canada, an ACPA affiliate, Leif Wathne participated in the 2018 BC Concrete Pavements Workshop in Burnaby, BC, last week. He spoke about competition, asset management, and on concrete overlays.  In the concrete overlay presentation, Wathne cited several resources, including the CP Tech Center’s “Guide to Overlays,”  which is just one of a large collection of manuals & guidelines, reports, tech briefs and other overlay resources the Center offers. 

Workshop participants included industry and agency officials, Wathne says, noting that Omar Swei, Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, presented on improving infrastructure design and maintenance. LCCA and project examples from across Western Canada also were focal points of the workshop.

Wathne says, “An ongoing dialogue with the concrete and cement industry in BC can help agencies better understand what steps to take to start benefitting from inter-industry competition.”