ACPA is pleased to report the Federal Aviation Administration has posted Advisory Circular 150/5370-10H, Standard Specifications for Construction of Airports

ACPA’s Airport Task Force worked closely with the FAA on the latest update to the construction guide specification, providing many comments during the draft stage of the document, but also providing mark-up as the document advanced within the FAA. 

“Most of ACPA’s suggestions were included in the proposed update to the specifications,” says Gary Mitchell, ACPA’s Vice President—Airports & Pavement Technology, adding, “Many of the suggested changes from aggregate requirements to slump requirements, were submitted with a red-line document in April 2016, while comments on smoothness requirements dated back to June 2013.” A new recycled concrete aggregate base course specification has been added based on work done under the Innovative Pavement Research Foundation (IPRF) research program. In addition, working with our industry partner, PCA, input was offered for a cement-treated, soil base course specification.  

A small sub-task force met in Pittsburg in December 2018  to begin marking up the 32 13 14.13 specifications with the intent to submit full industry recommended changes to the Transportation System Center (TSC) to parallel the similar effort on the FAA construction guide specification. The sub-task force group is meeting with the TSC in January to go over the markup with the Tri-services. Questions?  Please contact Gary Mitchell (704.904.9459 or

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