The FHWA is seeking innovations that may need some assistance to become market ready. 

The agency issued a broad agency announcement about the FHWA Accelerated Market Readiness (AMR) program, which will provide resources for the rapid, national assessment of emerging innovations and for the development of documentation of these assessments.

According to the announcement, these activities are intended to help advance the innovations to a more complete market-ready status, which in turn should accelerate the adoption of the innovations by transportation agencies. A total of $3 million in funding–ranging  in value between $200,000 and $500,000–is available for all awards under this announcement. The FHWA anticipates  that it may award up to eight contracts, cooperative agreements or funding allocations. 

The announcement includes questionnaires and forms that must be reviewed and completed, as indicated. Click here to read the announcement on FedBizOpps.

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