Gold Award – Taxiway Bravo Rehabilitation/ Phase 2, Kansas City International (KCI) Airport, Platte Co., MO

Contractor: Ideker, Inc.*

Owner: Kansas City Aviation Department

Engineer: HNTB Corporation

Airport pavement construction can be very complex, but when Ideker embarked on a reconstruction of taxiway B at KCI, they soon realized the project would present some significant challenges. 

HNTB’s field examination of the existing pavement revealed D-cracking and crack propagation, alkali silica reactivity and stresses associated with electrical in-pavement fixtures.

Ideker removing existing concrete, and during the process, the contractor recycled about 200 tons of salvaged steel and reused a portion of the concrete.

The 1-mile long pavement project involved placement of lime-treated subgrade,  6 in. of aggregate base, 6 in. of econocrete and 16 in. of continuously reinforce concrete with 15 ft. joint spacing.  A total of 80,000 SY of concrete was placed at a cost of about $9.5 million and a total project cost of $14.0 million.

The most unique part of this project was the Taxiway B’s role as the main artery connecting “Cargo Row” at KCI. This required Ideker to maintain access to all eight businesses located along the 8,000 ft. long taxiway, and to maintain access, the contractor constructed four temporary taxiway connectors.  

Careful project planning was essential to success, and the contractor originally planned to complete the work in six phases to maintain access during the project. Through partnering and expert scheduling though, Ideker was able to reduce the construction phases from six to three, which helped accelerate work and reduce closure periods. 

* ACPA member.