Gold Award – Walmart Southeast Import Distribution Center

Contractor: Morgan Corporation*

Owner:  Walmart Inc.     

Engineer: Carlson Consulting Engineers Inc.

This project is a involved the use of roller-compacted concrete for one of the largest distribution centers in America, Walmart’s Southeast Distribution Center in Mobile, Ala.

The story began in 2013, when Morgan Corp. began reaching out to Walmart headquarters promoting RCC for distribution centers, including discussion about a project planned for constructed in North Carolina. After site visits and an RCC seminar, Walmart’s senior managers decided to try RCC to build the pavements at the distribution center in Mebane, N.C., the first RCC paving project built by the world’s largest brick & mortar retailer.  Building on the success of this project, the company is now specifying RCC for all of its distribution centers in the U.S.

Walmart Inc. chose RCC again for the second distribution center located in Mobile. This facility is almost four times as large as the one built in North Carolina.

The project encompassed 382,000 SY of 10-in. thick RCC for truck parking, loading docks and access routes, plus 9,000 SY of 5-in. thick RCC for their  employee access route. In addition, the pavements included reinforced concrete dolly pads. Based on Morgan Corp.’s recommendations, Walmart agreed to change the pavement details to improve design, speed construction and save cost.

A total of approximately 106,000 CY of RCC were placed in 85 paving days, including two partial days where production paving was very limited due to rain.

* ACPA member.