Silver Award – Fiber-Reinforced Overlay Project, MN Highway 63, Rochester-Zumbro Falls, Mn.

Contractor: Croell, Inc.*

Owner/ Engineer: Minnesota Department of Transportation        

Minnesota State Highway 63 Project SP 5510-84 was the first fiber-reinforced concrete overlay project in the state of Minnesota. Stretching from Rochester at the south end to Zumbro Falls at the north end, the two-lane highway covered 12.5 miles and included two box culvert bridge replacements. The overlay was 5 in. over scarified asphalt, covered two 12 ft. traffic lanes, and included 4 lbs. per CY of macro synthetic fiber as the sole pavement reinforcement.

The overlay was sawcut into 6 ft. by 6 ft. panels, requiring over 450,000 ft. of sawing. The project was an inlay—

a 3 in. mill with a 5 in. overlay, and q 24 ft., 6 in.-wide mill with 24 ft. pavement—all performed with automated machine guidance stringless milling and paving. The almost 25 lane mile project used more than 178,00 SY of concrete. Total project cost was $7,544,046 with $3,325,000 of the total representing concrete costs.

Project challenges included a forced control-joint activation process at a very early pavement age (10 to 12 hours), along with a premature errant drive-through over a 1/4 mile stretch of less than two-hour old pavement that required a mid-project remove-and­ replace exercise.

Due to evident lack of joint activation, Croell proposed and MnDOT approved early pavement loading with a fully-loaded water truck. A gross-weight 58,000 lb. truck traversed the pavement at the 10 to 12 hour mark to activate a majority of the sawcut joints.  

* ACPA member.