Gold Award – Thin Concrete Overlay, State Road 3, Henry and Delaware Counties, IN

Contractor: E&B Paving*

Owner: Indiana Department of Transportation   

Engineer: SJC Associates

State Road 3 in Henry and Delaware Counties exemplifies the Indiana DOT’s dedication to being on the cutting edge of concrete paving.

The project included a thin overlay portion, a 9 in. concrete portion and variable depth transition areas. There are three sets of bridges, an overpass with ramps at US 36, and a Norfolk Southern Railroad crossing on the road, all of which were greatly enhanced by this project. 

Transitions to the bridges were smoothed out and reinforced with added sleeper slabs; pavement under the US 36 bridge was replaced after drainage was improved; and the railroad crossing was repaved, and the track elevations were adjusted in coordination with Norfolk Southern Railway.

E&B Paving averaged nearly 5,000 ft of paving per day, placing 12 ft. wide concrete pavement.  On the best day  of the project, crews placed 8,400 SY in nine hours. In addition to the high speed of construction,  the concrete paving quality was excellent, as evidenced by the $187,000 in smoothness incentives awarded to the contractor.

The 4.5 in. concrete overlay was placed on a milled asphalt surface. The patch areas were excavated, patched and milled to create a uniform, rough textured surface. The transition areas were placed on compacted aggregate, subbase density was verified using the light weight deflectometer (LWD). The 9 in. concrete was placed on 6 in. of compacted aggregate with a 3 in. drainage layer, and the density was also verified using the LWD method. More than 344,000 SY of concrete was used to overlay 49.23 lane miles on the 12.3 mile long project.

* ACPA member.