Gold Award – US Highway 20, Woodbury/Ida Counties, Iowa
Contractor: Cedar Valley Corporation*
Owner/Engineer: Iowa Department of Transportation

When Cedar Valley Corporation completed the final segment of paving on U.S. Highway 20 in Woodbury and Ida Counties, it drew to a close the successful completion of an almost $75 million project. The project was the last of six segments built by three different contractors, who upgraded the highway to a four-lane facility, a project that also include 1.7 million SY included work on intersections and adjacent streets.

CVC paved two sections (and more than 1 million SY of paving). The final project involved 551,901 SY of concrete paving, including 43.82 miles of alternate-bid concrete shoulders measuring 4 ft. wide and 6 in. deep. The project also included 19 crossovers and 42 turning lanes. CVC also trimmed more than 629,000 SY of subgrade.

The overall project scope involved six segments and three different paving contractors. Noting the scale, CVC anticipated the demand on local material producers and haulers. During early planning, CVC purchased a material stacker to build stockpiles in the autumn prior to paving, then added two acres to their plant site to accommodate the additional stores of materials. Even with this foresight, material suppliers could not always keep up with demand for the first year paving , so additional sources had to be identified. By the end of the first year paving, CVC had stockpiled almost 30,000 tons of paving aggregate for the following year. This proactive planning enabled CVC to maintain excellent production throughout the project.

CVC also developed another strategy to allow material producers an opportunity to catch up with CVC’s needs during the project. After paving half the mainline, CVC dropped back to complete shoulders, intersections and side roads.

The large scale of this project proved to be no match for CVC crews, who had only one loss-time injury and no recordable vehicle accidents, even with almost 97,000 hours of exposure. CVC also earned 82% of the smoothness bonus and 100% of the thickness and mix design bonus.

* ACPA member.