(Silver Award)   Route AC Construction in Perry County, Perryville, Mo.

Contractor: Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc.       

Owner:  Missouri DOT

Engineer:  Missouri DOT-Southeast District          

The Route AC project was needed to allow future expansion of an industrial park. Emery Sapp & Sons* paved the two-mile stretch of highway using 32,000 SY of 8-in. concrete and 6,500 SY of concrete shoulders.  

This project was constructed in an environmentally sensitive area that consisted of numerous sinkholes leading to one of Missouri’s largest underground cave systems.  The contractor had to be mindful of potential contamination of sink holes.

Also, more than 60 percent of the project had substantial seed growth prior to the beginning of paving operations, so extra efforts were required to ensure no concrete was left in wash out pits or containers.

Missouri DOT also designed this project with an aggregate pavement backfill.  The contractor seeded the project well in advance of paving operations, including the installation of lush green sod in the bottom of the ditches. This ultimately minimized exposure of sediment leaving the project during paving operations. Another advantage of using the aggregate backfill was that the 3 in. clean material allowed the sub-base aggregate material to be free draining, which in turn, will ensure good subgrade performance for years to come.

To meet smoothness requirements, the contractor used a high speed profiler and ProVal software, which helped determine that with minimal grinding, full incentive pay could be achieved. 

Also, during almost a full month of the project, approximately 12 in. of rain fell, but in spite the challenge of a very wet August, the contractor completed the paving almost nine months ahead of schedule.


(Gold Award)  US-56 Reconstruction, Gray, Kan.

Contractor:  Koss Construction Co.          

Owner:  Kansas DOT

Engineer: Transystems


This project in Gray County, Kan., involved the reconstruction of US-56 in the towns of Ensign and Montezuma.

The “Hardroaders” at Koss Construction Co. and their team of subcontractors wasted no time in starting work on the project.  

The project scope for the 7.6 lane mile project included placement of 56,920 SY of 9 in. concrete pavement, supported by 4 in. of cement treated base (CTB), all to be constructed in four distinct phases.  

Compliance with the strong specifications for erosion control has become a major factor in all highway construction projects, so during the grading and subsequent operations, there was considerable attention on controlling sediment from leaving the project site.

Constant communication between Koss and the DOT was the key to successful sediment control.

Koss Construction produced both the CTB and concrete through a pug mill and a mobile plant.  

The contractor’s quality control department continually tested the concrete to ensure quality.  During each test, ambient air temperature, concrete temperature, slump, air content, and unit weight are tested and verified to be within the specifications of the owner. Beams are made at the beginning and end of paving each day for strength verification, and random coring is performed to verify thickness.

With excellent communication and close coordination between the DOT and the Koss team, the project was completed within the 319 working day schedule, giving the owner and road users a high quality, durable pavement.

* ACPA Member.