Staff directors of the Senate EPW Committee last week briefed transportation-construction stakeholders on the status of America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act (ATIA), which was approved by the Committee last July. (Click here to see the related story.)

The aim is to urge discussion and consideration of the bill in the full Senate and to advocate for approval of funding by the Senate Finance Committee, preferably in the April-May time frame, as Congress is out most of July and all of August. With attention on elections in September and October, and the elections in November, there will be little time for action on the legislative calendar.

The proposed “pay-fors” include an annual fee to owners of electric vehicles (based on an average of state gas taxes, rounded down to $200/year and indexed to inflation.) Also proposed is a plan to index the motor fuels excise tax and to implement a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax for heavy duty trucks. The information was presented to the Finance Committee, which submitted it to the Joint Committee on Taxation for technical analysis and a score. Legislative consultant Chad Bradley attended the meeting on behalf of ACPA.