Editor’s Note:  As a follow-up to our February 24th story about the ACPA Pennsylvania Chapter’s successful Pennsylvania Concrete Conference, we’re presenting details about the presentations the chapter is offering.

Presentations conducted and videotaped at this year’s Pennsylvania Concrete Conference are now all available online at: https://go.acpa.org/acpa-penn-concrete-conference. These talks cover a wide range of business and technical topics related to concrete pavement and other concrete products.

The ACPA Pennsylvania Chapter began videotaping conference presentations ten years ago. Faced then with losing many of their attendees because of a forecasted storm of the century (that never came), and speakers already in Harrisburg or en route, the chapter quickly made arrangements to videotape the talks. 

It worked well, and the recordings have subsequently allowed PennDOT staff whose travel is often restricted because of funding challenges (and now because of the coronavirus) to be able to benefit from the presentations made at the conference. Many of these presentations remain as excellent learning tools, and all remain accessible at https://www.longerlifepavement.com/conference/.