Membership rosters of the new ACPA Functional Committee are filling up. Invitations to join the committees have been sent to members over the last several weeks.

The five new functional committees include: Marketing & Communications, Engineering & Design, Quality Construction, Research, Technology & Innovation and Legislative Issues Steering Committee.

The ACPA Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) successfully developed the new committee structure that was approved by the Board of Directors on December 2019.

The new structure also features four member-driven market forums where issues and opportunities in ACPA’s primary markets will be brought forward and discussed. The SAC’s role is to evaluate, through strategic discussion, new ideas in order to prioritize and assign them to functional committees.

Functional committees are comprised of members with subject matter expertise, who will work with ACPA staff to develop solutions and accomplish objectives. The SAC’s objective will be to increase involvement in the oversight and management of member-driven initiatives and provide advisory recommendations.

After rosters are complete, each functional committee chairperson will hold an introductory meeting to refine their scope. The chairs and staff will then  hold an introductory web meeting in the next few weeks.


Illustration shows ACPA’s current committee structure. Our five functional committees are shown in blue boxes.