The chief executives of 17 concrete and masonry related associations—a group known as CAMRA—met yesterday by videoconference. The group meets periodically to share ideas and discuss cement/concrete industry issues.

Jerry Voigt represented ACPA in the meeting, which addressed how the associations are handling meetings and events and how they plan to return employees to work. Flexibility and alignment with state-issued coronavirus plans were common elements in the return to work plans.

ACPA highlighted its recently implemented “Return to Office” policy, which ties to the state of Illinois’ five-phase plan health plan.

Under ACPA’s plan, national employees will continue working from home, and travel will continue to be limited until phase three of the Association’s plan.

“We are protecting the individual employees and our Association team by not jumping right back to the office all at once,” Voigt says, adding, “We have to follow Illinois’ requirements, and these, along with changes and new health and safety protocols by our office building management company, are also  factored into our approach.”

Jerry says he prefers to call the plan a “back to office” plan rather than back to work, because, as illustrated in this week’s 3 Minutes on Monday, the staff has been very productive during work at home status. Better Business Planning, ACPA’s human resources consultants, provided recommendations for the phased-in approach.