The ACPA Quality Construction (QC) functional committee held its inaugural meeting by web conference last Thursday. Chairman Harold Honey, Michael Baker International,* and Vice Chairman Jeff Borden, Cold Springs Construction Company,* presided over the meeting. Gary Mitchell, ACPA Vice President of Airports and Pavement Technology, provided an update on the ACPA committee structure and proposed programming.

In general, the QC concurred with the programming scope as proposed by the ACPA leadership and Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC). The QC functional group agreed to stand up a task force brought forward from previous on-going work from the former Airport Task Force. This Task Force has been working on a “red-line” markup of the DOD guide specification, 32 13 14.13. The Transportation System Center (TSC) is working on an update to the guide spec and Tri-Services requested input from ACPA during the annual meeting held at TRB in January. Angela Folkestad, Martin Holt, Harold Honey, and Gary Mitchell will continue working on this important endeavor.

The group also recommended forming a new task force to develop a document to recommend the necessary requirements for contractor quality control. This document is envisioned to be a contractor quality control manual, which would outline specific requirements or checklists to help with mix design and other submittals required prior to construction and quality control requirements during construction. The Quality Construction Group will refine the definition of the task and develop specific deliverable details and then ask for volunteers to serve on this new task force.

Participants included: Harold Honey, Michael Baker International; Jeff Borden, Cold Spring Construction Co.; Gary Mitchell, American Concrete Pavement Association; John Adam, CP Tech Center; Willie Calderwood, Cedar Valley LLC, Inc.; Paul Corr, Fluor Heavy Civil, LLC; Bill Cuerdon, ACPA – New York Chapter; Will Gray, A.G. Peltz; Martin Holt; Interstate Highway Construction; Todd Jurjevic, Minnich Manufacturing; Jim Lafrenz, Tigerbrain Engineering, Inc.; Cody Phillips, Ideker, Inc., John Privrat, Duit Holdings, Inc.


* An ACPA member.