The ACPA Design & Engineering Functional Committee had its first virtual meeting last week to discuss and prioritize issues and needs expressed by ACPA members. The leaders of the committee include Chairman Jim Powell (Northwest Chapter), Vice Chairman Feng Mu (PNA Technologies), and Eric Ferrebee (ACPA staff liaison).

The meeting centered around a group roundtable discussion beginning with on-going work and efforts such as PavementDesigner; a review of FAA’s new draft design guidance; a universal dowel bar specification; and the creation of an RCC jointing document. The discussion progressed to include new priorities such as updated guidance on roundabout design & construction, dowel bar optimization, and composite pavement design. The discussion also brought up opportunities to partner with the Research Technology and Innovation Committee on fiber-reinforced concrete overlays and a database of concrete pavement test sections and research studies to inform future design.

The group agreed to form small teams to review FAA’s draft design guidance; review emerging pavement design tools; update roundabout guidance; produce an RCC jointing document; and potentially develop a fiber-reinforced concrete overlay research needs statement.

 The full committee includes: James Powell, Northwest Chapter; Feng Mu, PNA Construction Technologies; Eric Ferrebee, ACPA; Greg Dean, Southeast Chapter; Glenn Eder, SIMPLEX; Angela Folkestad, Colorado/Wyoming Chapter; Gerald Jasper, Southeast Chapter; Jason Chamberlain, CRAFCO; Dan King, Iowa Concrete Paving Association; Todd LaTorella, Missouri/Kansas Chapter; Corey Zollinger, CEMEX; Clay Slocum, California/Nevada Cement Association; Tyler Speakmon, CEMEX; Peizh Sun, PNA Construction Technologies, Thomas Van Dam, NCE – Nichols Consulting Engineers; and Armen Amirkhanian, University of Alabama.