The Transportation Research Board (TRB) committees provide an opportunity for a unique cross-section of federal and state agencies, industry, academia, and consultants to help improve all transportation infrastructure.

Two committees—Concrete Pavement Design & Rehabilitation (AKP20, formerly AFD50) and Concrete Pavement Construction and Rehabilitation (AKC50, formerly AFH50) —held virtual meetings, respectively in July and earlier this month.

“These meetings provide an avenue for each committee to review research needs statements which help guide and inform future research topics,” says Eric Ferrebee.  “The research topics cover many aspects of the design, construction, and rehabilitation of concrete pavements, as well as concrete overlays, precast concrete pavements, and roller-compacted concrete pavements. Fast-setting patching materials and their performance, as well as dowel performance, are among other current topics of interest.”

These meetings also allow members to brainstorm presentation and webinar topics for TRB and include an update on the review process of technical papers submitted for presentation and publication, he says. The meetings allow TRB to communicate plans for their upcoming virtual meeting in January of 2021.