The ACPA Nominating Committee is seeking candidates to serve on the 2021 Board of Directors and Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC). The positions require a minimum three-year term and your commitment to participate and support the Association’s objectives. Several positions are open on both the Board of Directors and the Strategic Advisory Committee.

Participating on the board entails at a minimum; four meetings per year, with two of the meetings coinciding with the mid-year and annual meetings, respectively. Board members are also asked to review certain materials prior to weighing in on important decisions. Additionally, participation at the annual meeting in November/December is required.

The SAC meets in person twice per year at the mid-year and annual meetings. Additional virtual meetings may be called from time to time by the Chairperson.

Only employees or official representatives considered ACPA members in good standing can be nominated. Only one person per member company is eligible to serve actively on the Board of Directors.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another member, please contact Nominating Committee chairperson, Jim Mack, CEMEX, or ACPA President, Jerry Voigt. The Nominating Committee will recommend a slate to be elected by the membership in December.