Following a recent discussion about specification language with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, agency officials have asked ACPA to provide specific language for consideration.  ACPA has since provided suggestions aimed at addressing a potentially challenging issue for contractors.

“One of the challenging provisions of Unified Facilities Guide Specification (UFGS) 32 13 11 is related to the qualifications of the Contractor Quality Control (CQC) System Manager and Quality Control staff qualifications,”said Gary Mitchell, P.E., ACPA’s Vice President of Airports and Technology.  Mitchell added this was a topic discussed during the annual meeting with the TriServices earlier this year at the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting.

“USACE asked ACPA to provide them with proposed language that would be acceptable to contractors and allow them to use their qualified personnel, while still keeping requirements that would have the best chance of providing them with the best concrete pavement quality,” Mitchell said, adding, “USACE’s original provision would have forced the contractor to hire outside personnel while not necessarily improving the chances of higher quality pavements.”

Mitchell said that in addition to the CQC language, ACPA also included language about the Accredited Airport Pavement Training Program and our mobile Central Mix Plant check list. 

Very Large Step Forward
“This represents a very large step forward in our working relationship with the military on concrete pavement specifications,” said ACPA President & CEO Jerry Voigt.  Voigt and Mitchell, along with contractors and manufacturer representing the ACPA Airport Task Force, were involved in the discussion via conference call.   

Voigt added this is an significant step,  because “(t)he military traditionally conducts their deliberations and specification language development internally, which has sometimes resulted in provisions that are difficult to interpret and provisions to which even well-qualified contractor members cannot adhere practically. “

“We thank those who participated in providing comments,” Mitchell said, adding the language will be reviewed and discussed at the Airport Task Force meeting, scheduled for 3:30 p.m. (Central) at the ACPA Mid-Year Meeting in Chicago.   Click here for registration and other information.