The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) today launched a public outreach campaign called “The Benefits of Transportation: The Solutions State DOTs Bring to People & Their Communities.”

The purpose of the campaign, says Jim Tymon AASHTO executive director, “is to help citizens understand the important connection between transportation investment and the benefits we experience today and into the future.”

A website (, supports the campaign with end-user perspectives, as well as an interactive map that allows visitors learn more about transportation projects that are reducing travel times, improving safety, protecting the environment, and boosting the economy. The campaign is also supported with a 12-page report that includes project profiles from across the country. 

Tymon emphasizes the urgency of the campaign. “This year will be pivotal for transportation because Congress must pass a new surface transportation bill before the current law expires at the end of September,” he says. He adds the FHWA estimates that for every dollar spent on road, highway, and bridge improvements, there is an average benefit of $5.20. 

This monetized benefit can be seen in many forms, including reduced vehicle maintenance costs, fewer delays, and lower fuel consumption. He adds the benefit can also be seen in improved safety, reduced road and bridge maintenance costs, and reduced emissions as a result of improved traffic flow.

Photo shows I-40 Crosstown and Oklahoma City Blvd., an example of business growth and economic development from AASHTO’s “Benefits of Transportation” website.

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