Eric Ferrebee represented ACPA last week at the ACI 325 and 330 committee meetings last week.

ACI 325 is the committee on Concrete Pavements, which also includes the Pavement Design subcommittee, which is working on a new design guide based on, the pavement design portal co-developed by ACPA, the RMC Research & Education Foundation, and PCA. Brian Killingsworth of NRMCA represented the cement and concrete industries at the meeting. Other subcommittees included Overlays and Accelerated Paving. 

Eric also participated in the meeting of the ACI 327 committee on RCC Pavements, which is developing a draft Guide to RCC Design and Construction. He also reported that the ACI 330 Concrete Parking Lots and Site Paving Subcommittee is updating their guide to parking facilities, for which he previously developed and furnished design runs using PavementDesigner.

Also last week, Eric was at the Nevada Infrastructure Concrete Conference (NICC 2018). He presented comprehensive presentations on PavementDesigner at both events, reaching another 200+ potential users of the pavement design portal. 

Photo courtesy of Roger Smith with the California Pavement Preservation Center at Cal State University, Chico.