As we reported in December, the proposed ACPA committee restructuring plan was approved by the Board of Directors last month. So, what comes next?

ACPA leadership and staff have jumped into 2020 with a decisive agenda to move forward with the implementation. Ed Griffith (St. Marys Cement Co.), in his role as Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) Chairman/2nd Vice Chair of the Board, takes the SAC chair as Dave Howard of Koss Construction, takes on the role of Vice Chairman of the Board. Dave, along with 2019 Chairman Jim Mack, led the original committee visioning session last year and worked with ACPA staff to create the framework for the restructuring.

Andy Gieraltowski takes on the role of staff lead for SAC and will assist with restructuring implementation. Andy, along with Ed Griffith, Jerry Voigt and Chairman Greg McCormick (Northern Improvement Co.), will begin outlining key implementation steps in an upcoming conference call.

“An initial goal is to map important on-going work from the old task forces to new functional committees to ensure continuity,” Andy says.  Another task will be to discuss functional committee leaders and membership, he says. “With the new structure, our objective is to improve member engagement in and awareness of ACPA’s programs and projects.” Key points from the conference call, he says, will be shared with the SAC during a conference call later this month.

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