Leif Wathne and Ray Seipp participated in the two-day Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) meeting last week in Winchester Virginia.  Wathne was one of several transportation experts who presented comments on a wide range of topics, including policy issues and programmatic matters. 

Wathne’s comments centered on inter-industry competition, which ACPA has discussed in many forums with industry and public sector officials. Wathne explained that MIT, at the urging of industry, undertook a comprehensive multivariate analysis of DOT bid pricing, covering a 10-year span and 298,000 pay items from 47 state DOTs.  

“The results clearly show that increasing competition between paving material industries lower paving costs for both asphalt and concrete jobs and is likely to result in significant savings for DOT’s and taxpayers,” Wathne said.  

He cited recent discusssions with VDOT staff about how to better capitalize on competition and thanked VDOT Chief Engineer Garrett Moore and the Department for their earnest engagement in these discussions.  

“We are encouraged by VDOT’s interest in ways to extend the reach of Virginia’s paving dollars, however, we urge the Commonwealth Transportation Board to reinforce VDOT’s commitment to this significant opportunity,” he said, emphasizing, “This is not about one product being better than the other; it’s about providing the best value.” 

As he concluded his remarks, he said, “There are no engineering reasons why concrete pavement cannot be part of any agency’s program, including VDOT’s.”  He also noted concrete pavement is used successfully in several neighboring states, as well as throughout the United States.

Click here to view Wathne’s comments online. (His comments start at marker: 1:01:20)