ACPA is pleased to announce the following new association members, listed by membership category:

  • (Contractor) Certified Concrete Construction, Inc. – ACPA welcomes this Raleigh, NC-based contractor, whose diverse project portfolio includes airports, highways, pervious pavements, decorative concrete pavement, and a range of other structures and services. Founded in 1997, the company is represented by Frederick Griffin, CCC’s official rep to ACPA.
  • (Contractor) Hi-Way Paving, Inc. – We’re pleased to announce the return of Hi-Way Paving, Inc., as an ACPA member. The Hillard, OH-based company was founded in 1969 and operates as both a prime contractor or as a subcontractor.  The company works in a multi-state area defined by a 500-mile radius from Columbus, OH.  The company’s large and diverse portfolio includes airport, military, and highway projects, as well as other areas of expertise and experience.  Edward Wessel, President, is the official rep to ACPA.
  • (Contractor)  Yonkers Contracting Co., Inc. – ACPA welcomes this Yonkers, NY-based general contractor, which was founded in 1946.  The company is focused on building infrastructure projects for public and private clients. The company’s core business lines include highways, bridges, rail, transit, water/wastewater and energy/environmental projects, and commercial developments. The company has completed more than 2,000 projects and proudly points to its leadership of a joint venture that restored PATH service to the World Trade Center after the events of 9/11; the company also has continued to be part of the WTC rebuilding effort. Timothy Caulfield, Vice President-Construction, is the company’s official rep to ACPA.
  • (Association) Asociación Puertorriqueña del Concreto – ACPA is pleased to announce the addition of the Puerto Rican Concrete Association, which has represented the concrete construction industry in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico since 1972.  The association is focused on quality and safety and promotes intelligent construction, a vision where development goes hand-in-hand with the stability of our planet.  Thomas E. Kierce, Executive Director, is the association’s official rep to ACPA.