As federal and state government officials declared war on the pandemic sweeping the world, they moved quickly to isolate and contain the spread of the virus, introducing terms such as lockdowns, shelter-in-place and other terms that have are impacting personal mobility, business and industry and our whole way of life.

Starting last week, ACPA was assembling resources and launching a broad and comprehensive information and advocacy campaign to inform and influence public officials of the urgent need to classify infrastructure construction as an essential activity. This effort also was aimed  at informing members, customers and others that in spite of working remotely, ACPA national and chapter affiliates stand ready to serve association members and agencies and other customers.

“This was not about business as usual,” says Jerry Voigt. “It’s about continuing our business in the face of adversity during these very challenging times.”

In the ensuing hours and days ACPA, working in partnership with our NACA allies, launched a grass-roots advocacy effort to enlist the aid of members to join in the initiative to classify our business as essential. ACPA also produced and released the first in a series of video special reports aimed at informing members of our actions, and where appropriate, asking them to engage in calls to action.

ACPA, along with PCA, NRMCA, and NSSGA launched a second grass-roots effort today, urging industry representatives to send preformatted (or customized) letters to state governors. 

These are among ACPA’s highest priority activities that have the aim of supporting and advancing our industry through the current challenges.  As Jerry explains, ACPA has refocused priorities to address the current crisis situation, while also keeping our business moving ahead. It’s the right thing to do; we are fully committed to the effort; and we remain confident that a bright future lies ahead.

Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.