The 2016 Lifetime Pavement Recognition award commemorates the oldest concrete pavement in the State of Texas.  Belknap Place in the Monte Vista Historic District of San Antonio, was placed in 1914, the pavement employed an innovative, patented process called “Granitoid,” a two-lift system with coarse aggregate in the lower lift and hard granite (indigenous trap rock) aggregate in the surface course.

Belknap Place was recognized by the Texas Historical Commission for its significance to the concrete industry, local residents, and the city of San Antonio. At more than a century old, the pavement continues to carry car, truck, and bus traffic, all with few signs of faulting or deterioration.

Accepting the award on behalf of the City of San Antonio was Al Siam Ferdous, Sr. Engineer with the Department of Transportation & Capital Improvements.  

Also on hand for the recognition were Don Taubert, Capitol Aggregates (retired); Bill Ciggelakis, is Principal-in-Charge of Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI), in Dallas; and Jan Prusinski, P.E., FACI, LEED®AP, Executive Director of the Cement Council of Texas.  Along with the late Bob Lopez, former Executive Director of the Cement Council of Texas, these professionals have researched, written, and presented the story of Belknap Place in numerous forums and venues throughout the years. 

Awarded since 1994, this award is presented to the agency owner of an in-service concrete pavement that has demonstrated exceptional performance and service to its local community, state, and users.  (This recognition rotates annually between public market segments: highway, street and airport.  The 2011 award was presented for a municipal facility.)