New resources from the CP Tech Center take aim at the issue of bridge deck cracking, as reported in the spring issue of the NC² News, the consortium’s quarterly newsletter.

One resource is the new NC² Moving Advancements into Practice (MAP) Brief,”Extended-Life Concrete Bridge Decks Utilizing Internal Curing to Reduce Cracking—Results from Ohio DOT Field Trial,” is now available from the NC² Resource Library.

The 8-page brief includes a brief introduction, which details common causes and contributing factors. The publication also includes a section on internal curing, concrete mixtures and placement considerations. Additionally, the publication includes sections on performance monitoring, predicting service life, life-cycle cost analysis, and Ohio’s plans to use lightweight fine aggregates and specialized mixture designs to mitigate cracking.

In addition to the MAP brief, the CP Tech Center is drawing attention to resources covering bridge deck construction and related issues. To access the information, click here. When the web page appears, look for the search field and enter “bridge deck” to see recent resources.

The CP Tech Center is also encouraging engineers and other professionals to check out recent questions, included one added by the WV DOT, in the NC² States’ Q&A Listserv.  The Listserv allows member states of the TTCC Pooled Fund to poll other member states regarding specifications, materials, construction, research, or other concrete paving issues.