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International Conference Extends Deadline for Abstracts

The deadline for abstracts and letters of intent for the 11th International Conference on Concrete Pavements (11th ICCP) has been extended to Sunday, May 31, according to the International Society of Concrete Pavements.

Abstracts and letters may be submitted by email to:   For those wishing to send ISCP-ICCP2016-logo-thprintable Call for Papers form, the documents may be sent to Tom Burnham,1400 Gervais Avenue, Maplewood, Minn. 55109.  

Exhibitors interested in receiving an exhibition registration package are encouraged to complete a Call for Papers form indicating their preferences.


Opinion: Embrace the Opportunity to Invest in Infrastructure

Editor’s Note:  As part of a call to action issued by ACPA last week, ACPA Executive Vice President Leif Wathne, P.E., urged elected officials representing his home state and Congressional district to embrace the opportunity to invest in U.S. infrastructure.  Reflecting the many delays and extensions in addressing infrastructure funding, ACPA, as well as a handful of other transportation construction associations and companies, have increasingly taken a more direct stance on key issues, including a much-needed fix of the Highway Trust Fund and the long-term reauthorization of the highway bill.  In April, ACPA TODAY published a letter from ACPA President/CEO Jerry Voigt, P.E., who took a similar stance on infrastructure funding.   The following are Wathne’s comments, which he expressed as part of his advocacy efforts:

Congress should embrace the opportunity to invest in U.S. infrastructure.  It is the only way our economy will be positioned for success in a global economy.  It is preposterous for members of Congress to claim that they cannot support increased revenues for infrastructure on grounds of fiscal conservatism. 

Leif Wathne, ACPA Executive Vice President.

Leif Wathne, ACPA Executive Vice President.

The truth is that we are currently freeloading on investments made by a previous generation of American leaders who understood the value of infrastructure and recognized that investing in roads and bridges was the best path toward prosperity for our Nation.  Not only are we freeloading on these investments made by our predecessors, we are squandering them!  What is worse is that all of this is happening at the expense of our children and grandchildren.  

We are in effect using-up a system that our parents paid for and that we have benefited from tremendously, and we are sticking our kids with the bill to repair, replace and expand it.  It is generational theft, it is un-American, and it is shameful.  What is equally disconcerting is that our Congressional leaders are allowing all of this to happen under the pretense of fiscal conservatism.   This is ill-advised and intellectually dishonest.   It is time for Congress to buck-up and #fixthetrustfund!

Discount Hotel Rate Ends Soon for ACPA Mid-Year Meeting

ACPA is encouraging members and affiliates to make hotel reservations no later than Friday, May 29th, the final expiration date for the special room block for the ACPA Mid-Year Meeting.   The special, discounted rate is $259/night, and room rates and availability are subject to change after the deadline.

ACPA’s Mid-Year Meeting* will be held at the Palomar Chicago (A Kimpton Hotel), located at 505 North State Street in Chicago.   Here are just a few highlights of the meeting, which is scheduled to begin on June 23 at 10 a.m. (CST):

  • Maintenance of Traffic Workshop & Task Force Meetings—Addresses challenges, recommended best practices, and useful tips for managing traffic—and expectations—in and around concrete pavement construction workzones.  (Tuesday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Task Force Meetings—ACPA task forces meet to discuss the critical issues that have the greatest impacts on your business operations and your profitability. (Airport Task Force will meet Tuesday, 3:30 p.m to 5:00 p.m. All other task forces will meet Wednesday, from 8 a.m. to noon.)
  • Strategic Advisory Committee—Open to all registered guests, this meeting is more than just an important milestone in our annual planning; it’s where competitive threats and opportunities, emerging technical issues, and other impactful trends are discussed.  (Wednesday, from 1:30 to 5 p.m.)
  • Networking and Social Opportunities—ACPA has organized receptions and other free time to spend with friends, families, customers and business colleagues. Our meeting venue, located in the vibrant “Loop” area of downtown Chicago, provides the perfect gateway to excellent dining, nightlife, entertainment, and sports & sporting events. Of course, summertime in Chicago also means an even greater number of options in this top-pick of US NEWS & WORLD REPORT’s favorite vacation destinations.   (Click here to check out things to do!)

Register Today!
For event and/or hotel registrations, please click on the photo below, or alternatively, the links in the text that follow below.


  • Event and Hotel Registrations: Click here , or cut and paste this link to your web browser: To access the event registration area, click on the tab marked, “Register Now.”
  • Hotel Reservations: Click here to make reservations online. Alternatively, call 877-731-0505   and mention the group “American Concrete Pavement Association” to take advantage of the discounted room rate.  

* ACPA’s Budget & Finance Committee will meet on Wednesday, June 23. The ACPA Board of Directors will meet on Thursday, June 24. Both meetings are by invitation only. Please check the meeting  agenda  before making travel plans


ACPA National, Chapter/States Discuss Timely Issues

ACPA national staff and Chapter/State personnel met in Ontario, Canada, in Mid-May to discuss successes and challenges, as well as to lay the groundwork for both short- and long-term business planning.   The meeting was hosted by ACPA-affiliate, the Cement Association of Canada.  Also participating in the meeting was ACPA Chairman Mike Lipps (Duit Construction Co., Inc.), who provided leadership perspectives and positive feedback to many of the initiatives discussed during the two-day meeting.   

The meeting began with a “Future Think: Revisited” session, where the group reviewed progress against goals established last summer, as well as new goals and ideas for 2016 and beyond.  The local pavement promotion experts also discussed successes and challenges during an annual Chapter/State Executives’ Roundtable.   Among the topics discussed were Alternative Design/Alternative Bid (AD/AB) successes, opportunities and challenges in local markets.  The discussion revealed that implementing ADAB by a state does not necessarily lead to fairer pavement type selection policy, especially if policy-makers do not follow federal guidance on proper procedures.

A presentation and discussion on the business model that is being explored at the direction of the ACPA Board of Directors in response to 2014 strategic planning was among the most intriguing topics.  Jerry Voigt, P.E., and Andy Gieraltowski, along with Mike Lipps and Kevin McMullen, provided a detailed update and addressed a number of questions and comments, all as part of the ACPA Board’s directive to continue moving forward with exploring options for sustaining and growing concrete pavement promotion.    The group agreed to the next steps of: 1) reviewing information being collected by ACPA for a state-by-state assessment of market factors/issues, and 2) reviewing the impact of the model with individual case studies.

A Chapter Web Site Redevelopment Plan was unveiled by Andy Gieraltowski, which included a new demo site, highlighting features and emphasizing that Chapter/States may customize content individually, as well as receive content pushed out to them by ACPA nationally.   The feedback was extremely positive, and several Chapter/State executives have expressed a strong interest in moving forward with the new template.

The Chapter/State Executives also got firmly behind the concept of re-energizing ACPA’s Count on Concrete messaging platform.  Voigt presented an initial concept to bring back the messaging as a part of its strategic plan objective on consolidating and improving local and national promotion.  “We love it, we could love it more,” summarizes the sentiments associated with Count on Concrete.  With this outcome, ACPA is preparing the next step to showcase a plan to the Strategic Advisory Committee on June 25, 2015 at the Mid-Year Meeting.

Gaining a Better Understanding of FAA and Military Airport Pavement Specifications

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Noon to 1:30 p.m. (CENTRAL)  |   1 to 2:30 p.m. (EASTERN)  |  10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (PACIFIC)

Gary Mitchell, P.E., Vice President of Airports & Technology, American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA)

Designing and constructing quality airport pavements has always presented unique requirements and challenges, many of which are very different that those encountered with pavements for highways or other facilities.  

Learn about challenges encountered when placing and rehabilitating concrete pavements for airports using specifications of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC).

This webinar will guide participants through some of the common questions and concerns associated with the FAA’s P-501 and UFC’s 32 13 11 specifications. This course is based on practical field experience and serves as a guide for interpreting, gaining a better understanding, and gaining practical insights about the specifications.   The course is drawn from field experience and guidance from top pavement experts, much of which has been gained by working with contractors, owner’s representatives, military engineers, and others with direct, first-hand experience.

The course is designed for contractors and engineers with either extensive or limited experience in airport pavement construction.   It is not intended as a basic primer on the specifications; instead, the webinar will cover key specification-related issues, challenges, questions that commonly occur on the grade.   The presentation will be approximately 70 minutes long, but extra time will be allowed for questions, discussion, and observations.


Learning Objectives
Participants will have the opportunity to:

  •   Learn recommended best practices for constructing airport pavements using FAA and UFC specs.
  •   Learn basic contrasts and comparisons between the FAA and UFC airport pavement specifications.
  •   Identify, understand, and reconcile examples of misinterpretations, contradictions, or ambiguities commonly reported.
  •   Learn about recent changes or revisions to both specifications.
  •   Ask questions and provide comments about specific challenges or issues associated with one or both specifications.

Professional Development Hours (1.5 PDH’s Available)
ACPA will jointly award 1.5 professional development hours (PDH’s) to those wishing to complete an optional “evidence of learning exam” following the webinar.  

Participants interested in earning PDH’s are responsible for determining the applicability of any training programs toward licensing requirements in their respective state/province.   This program is oriented toward jurisdictions that allow self-reporting for licensure purposes. Participants are strongly advised to check the applicability of this training along with other reporting requirements in advance of taking this course.

Registration Rates
Member rates are available for American Concrete Pavement Association members. To register online for this event, please follow this link:   Please select either the “individual” or “group” registration option. Please note that group rates are intended for up to 6 people; additional registrations (at either the individual or group) rates are required for groups with 7 or more participants.

Important:   Government employees must contact ACPA directly to receive the government discount.     Please contact Debbie Becker ( | 847.423.8710). Government rate is for employees of federal, state/provincial, county, or township agencies, as well as the agencies/branches of the Department of Defense.

If you need assistance with registration, please contact Ms. Becker on Tuesday through Friday.


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