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Long Receives Outstanding Pavement Promotion Award

Patrick (Pat) Long, Indiana Chapter-ACPA, was formally recognized during the ACPA Mid-Year Meeting as the 2016 Outstanding Pavement Promotion Award recipient.  Long was unable to attend the 2016 Distinguished Service Award presentations at the annual meeting last November, so the award was presented at the Mid-Year Meeting.

ACPA President & CEO Jerry Voigt cited Long’s unique expertise in the promotion of concrete pavements.  

Voigt also noted that Long’s  unique expertise and  professionalism, as well as his musical talent have been key factors in his success.  Long has earned a positive reputation for making a positive and indelible impression upon owners, agencies, members, and his colleagues.  Long serves as the Director of Marketing and Government Affairs for the Indiana Chapter – ACPA.

New Chairs Announced at ACPA Mid-Year Meeting

Congratulations and appreciation go to new Committee and Task Force Chairs announced at the ACPA Mid-Year Meeting. Dan Rozycki, The Transtec Group, becomes Chairman of the newly-formed Legislative Issues Committee (LIC). John Cunningham, Iowa Concrete Paving Association, becomes Vice Chair of the same committee. Rozycki and Cunningham become the first leaders of the group since  the transition from the Legislative Issues Task Force (LITF). Peter Deem (CarbonCure) and Gerry Krozel (Prairie Group/St. Mary’s Cement) served as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively since the task force was founded in 1999.

Martin Holt (Interstate Highway Construction) was named Chair of the ACPA Airport Committee. He follows Jim Thomas (The Harper Company). Also, John Privrat (Duit Construction) was name Vice Chair of the Airport Committee. He follows Vince Perez of CTS Cement.

Emerging Leader Group Photo Update – Round 4

Congratulations to the Round 4 Winner of the ACPA Emerging Leaders Group Photo Competition, Matt Fonte of Castle Rock Construction Company “A freshly poured concrete road, winding through the Rocky Mountains.”

Emerging Leader Group Photo Update – Round 2

Congratulations to the Round 2 Winner of the ACPA Emerging Leaders Group Photo Competition, Drew Manatt of Manatt’s, Inc., for his photo of handwork at a roundabout in Johnston, Iowa.

Emerging Leader Group Photo Update – Round 3

Congratulations to the Round 3 Winner of the ACPA Emerging Leaders Group Photo Competition, David Sciullo of Golden Triangle Construction, for his photo, “Slipforming a Concrete Roundabout.”

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