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WCPA Hosts ‘Picture Perfect’ Workshop

By all counts, the Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association’s (WCPA’s) Annual Workshop last week was a great success.   Some 310 registrants participated in the three-day event, held Feb. 10 through 12.

The event began with the WCPA membership meeting, social hour, and member dinner. “This allowed members to spend some time to talk outside of project pressures,” said WCPA President Kevin McMullen, P.E.

(L-R) Wisconsin DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb, Director of Bureau of Technical Services Steven Krebs; Chief Engineer Joseph Olson; ACPA President/CEO Jerry Voigt.

(L-R) Wisconsin DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb, Director of Bureau of Technical Services Steven Krebs; Chief Engineer Joseph Olson; ACPA President/CEO Jerry Voigt.

ACPA President/CEO Jerry Voigt, P.E. and Executive Vice President Leif Wathne, P.E., participated in both the membership meeting and workshop. Voigt presented a look at 20 years of industry innovation since ACPA authored the visioning document “Creating a New Generation of Pavements.”  Wathne presented a primer on proper Life Cycle Cost Analysis.

One of the highlights of the event was ACPA’s presentation of the Harold J. Halm Presidential Award to Wisconsin DOT officials. The award was a framed painting of a concrete roadway leading to the Capitol building in Madison, Wis. ACPA recognized Wisconsin’s long-standing pavement type selection policies that recognize the impact that healthy industry competition has on creating high-quality pavements at a lower overall cost to the public.

In presenting the award, Voigt said “The painting is a fitting scene with a concrete street leading to the capitol building in Madison. It is a reminder of who the local industry and DOT serve… the public of the state of Wisconsin.”

“I appreciate Secretary Mark Gottlieb presenting on the State/WisDOT budget and construction program,” McMullen said, adding, “The presentation was complemented nicely by Wisconsin Director of the Bureau of Technical Services Steve Krebs, P.E., presenting the Department’s technical priorities for concrete paving.” 


* For more information about the Harold J. Halm award presentation, check out the ACPA press release, as well as related stories in the AASHTO Journal and Milwaukee’s WDJT (Channel 58) website.

Early Registration Ends Soon for ISCP Conference

11th-ISCP ConferenceACPA is reminding members and affiliates to register now for the 11th International Conference on Concrete Pavements (ICCP).   Early registration ends on March 31, 2016.

The traces its roots to the international concrete pavement conferences begun in 1977 by Purdue University.   Now organized by the International Society for Concrete Pavements, the focus of the 11th conference will be to present information on new technologies related to the design, construction, and rehabilitation of various types of concrete pavements.

The conference will be held August 28th through September 1st in San Antonio.  The theme of this conference is, “Concrete Pavements: Thinking Bigger, Thinking Better.”   

Click here for general information about the conference.   Click here for registration information, including rates and registration links.   Finally, ISCP members are reminded to log into the ISCP website first to receive the $150 discount on individual registration. 

World of Concrete Highlights

WOC16_CN_banner_blueA2-smallAs one of the earliest co-sponsors of World of Concrete, ACPA was once again an active and visible participant in the show this year.  In addition to actively promoting the show throughout much of 2015, ACPA also participated in the exhibit space and educational tracks.

ACPA Chairman Steve Jackson (Cedar Valley Corp., LLC); Steve Davis, Executive Director of the Georgia Concrete Pavement Association/Southeast Chapter; and ACPA’s Jerry Voigt, Bill Davenport, and Eric Ferrebee had the opportunity to meet with visitors who stopped by the booth, which ACPA shared with technology partner, IGGA.

Jerry Voigt presented a technical seminar, “How to Incorporate Concrete Overlays into Broad Construction Strategies” as part of the World of Concrete 90-minute seminar program.  Steve Jackson and Jerry Voigt also provided an outlook for 2016, industry perspectives on events and trends, and an update on its Wikipave™  app at a press conference held the first day of the show.  

Voigt, Davenport, and Ferrebee also presented a 3-hour special “Industry Day” to registered participants.   This was the first time ACPA participated in this type of event at World of Concrete.  The event, “ACPA FuturePave: The Changing World of Surface Transportation Infrastructure,” included an overview of ACPA; perspectives on the U.S. pavement market; ACPA’s advocacy efforts with the federal government; an overview of ACPA’s Count on Concrete promotional campaign; and discussion of ACPA technical services and informational resources. 

World of Concrete 2016 was reported to have drawn more than 55,000 attendees.


Announcing the Return of Concrete Pavement Progress

ACPA announced the return of ACPA-CPP-Q12016CONCRETE PAVEMENT PROGRESS (CPP) magazine, which will feature project stories and other information about ACPA and the concrete pavement industry.  

Following a brief hiatus, the magazine will return with the first quarterly issue, which will be mailed in early March.  The magazine will feature a bold new look, shorter articles, photo features, and infographics that reflect current reading habits.   

“CPP is ACPA’s oldest periodical, and although it has gone through format changes over the decade, its primary focus remains the quality concrete pavement projects and the people responsible for placing, rehabilitating, and preserving them,” said Bill Davenport, Vice President of Communications, ACPA.

The magazine will be published jointly by ACPA and LLM Publications, Portland, Ore.   Founded in 1989, the company also will represent the magazine with advertising sales.

“I’m enjoying working with the members of the ACPA,” said David Gambill, Account Executive, LLM Publications. “I’m thrilled for the re-launch, and I look forward to my future work with ACPA.” 

The printed  magazine will be available to ACPA members, and extra copies will also be provided to the ACPA-affiliated Chapter/State paving associations.  A digital edition also will be available for those who want to view the publication on desktop computers, as well as on smart phones and other digital devices.

“We think the time is right for the return of the printed, magazine, because publishing industry research tells us many people prefer publications to arrive on their desk vs. in their email,” Davenport said.

ACPA Annual Meeting Survey Results

52AM Survey Results-smShortly after ACPA’s 52nd Annual Meeting concluded, ACPA sent attendees an online survey link.  Andy Gieraltowski, ACPA’s Vice President of Operations/IT, said approximately 19% of attendees completed the survey and provided an overall rating for the event of 8.8 out of 10.

Here are some other highlights our members and other guests told us.

  • Respondents said the main program either met or exceeded expectations.  (Only three people indicated there was some room for improvement.)
  • The top five events or components attendees liked were the: Scott Wolter Luncheon (1.6 out of 2 points), Optional Activities (1.59), Project Stories Session (1.55), Awards Banquet (1.51), and CPU Sessions (1.37). 
  • About 95% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with all logistical and general aspects of the annual meeting. The top six items include: Mobile Meeting App for IPhone (100%), Onsite Staff Service (100%), Onsite Registration (100%), Email Announcements (98%), the Event Website (95%), and Online Registration (95%). 
  • Similarly, 97% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with various aspects of the hotel. The top three items include: Facilities Overall (100%), Food and Beverage (100%), and Hotel Service (98%). 
  • Overall, 80% of respondents would like to return to the Hyatt Bonita Springs property in the future.

A few of the specific comments we received from respondents include:

  • “Topics of interest to contractors were great.”
  • “Scott Wolter was best luncheon program we’ve had.”
  • “Event was well organized…app was awesome.”
  • “Awards ceremony very well done.”
  • “Panel forums and CPU sessions were very good this year.”
  • “Project stories were awesome.”

ACPA leadership and staff have factored all the feedback — including some things we can improve upon — into the early planning for the next annual meeting, which will be held from Tuesday, November 29th to Thursday, December 1st at the Hyatt Regency Austin, in Austin, Texas.

The program format reflects feedback that ACPA should shorten the program.   Based on input received, ACPA has included Wi-Fi for the meeting room, which was a common suggestion among survey respondents.   ACPA appreciates the feedback from respondents and will consider preferences and other suggestions as we prepare for the 53rd ACPA Annual Meeting in November.  

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