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ACPA, NRMCA, and PCA staff members met at ACPA headquarters in Rosemont on May 5 to discuss where it makes most sense to work in unison toward common goals.

ACPA President/CEO Gerald F. Voigt, P.E., presented a basic framework for the discussion, noting that by its very definition, collaboration involves working toward a common goal.   With that, the associations agreed to explore the following:

  • Combined Annual Report of Market Metrics – The associations will determine if they can report cement and concrete market metrics jointly on a single dashboard, with each contributing data and working together to provide the necessary analysis and comparative reporting.
  • Collaborative Messaging in Promotional Literature – Beginning with literature for the Concrete Sustainability Hub at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (CSHub), the associations agreed to collaborate on messaging so the pieces best represent the concrete paving industry (ACPA), the cement industry (PCA), and the ready-mixed concrete industry (NRMCA).  These materials may also be co-branded with logos and association contact information.  In general, the associations also will consider this approach for certain promotional literature and flyers that focus on concrete paving and related topics.
  • Coordinated Trade Show/Exhibit Activity – The associations will look at upcoming national or regional trade shows and exhibits attended by public officials, and determine the best strategies and messaging to reach these specifiers and influencers.  Historically, the associations and/or their regional/state affiliates have participated separately in these events, which include the AASHTO annual meeting, National Association of County Officials, and American Public Works Association.
  • Increased Committee & Task Force Participation – The associations agreed to mutual participation by staff members in the committees and task forces of the respective organizations.   The aim is to further improve communications and participation among the three industry groups.


Registration Open for ACPA Mid-Year Meeting and LCCA Workshop

Visit the event registration page for complete program details.

ACPA will be hosting members for the 2014 Mid-Year Meeting from June 24-26th at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel in Chicago, IL. A workshop on Tuesday, June 24th will cover the topic “Applying Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) for Fair Pavement Type Selection”. 


In Memoriam: James L. Oberstar (1934-2014)

Rep. Jim Oberstar (DFL-MN-08) during a visit to ACPA in 1999.

Rep. Jim Oberstar (DFL-MN-08) during a visit to ACPA in 1999.

Our deepest sympathies go to the family of James L. Oberstar, Minnesota’s longest-serving Member of Congress and former Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (110th and 111th Congresses).  

Jim Oberstar was a tireless, spirited, and effective transportation advocate.   We remember him for his passionate and unswerving support of safe, efficient, and long-lasting highways and bridges, as well as for his warm personality and enthusiasm.  

We recall with great admiration a story he shared about working his way through college by loading bags of cement.   Oberstar shared the story at many events where officials of the cement and concrete industries gathered.   It was a story that always brought smiles and applause.   The story was more than an amusing anecdote; it was a reminder of Oberstar’s dedication, hard work, and appreciation for the nation’s transportation infrastructure.



ACPA Launches New Generation Website

ACPA has completely redeveloped its primary website,, combining the latest digital technology to perform the two-fold functions of delivering content and serving as a resource for conducting association business.  

 The result is a one-stop website that allows quick access to information about the association (including members, affiliates, and staff); membership benefits; industry and association events; and paving and distinguished service awards.  The site also includes industry statistics; breaking news (including industry, association, and legislative/advocacy news); technical and promotional resources; and education & training opportunities.

 Immediately upon arriving at the home page, site visitors will see the dynamic format of the website, which features bold graphics and a snapshot view of the latest showcased items, most popular features, latest news items, and events posted to a searchable web calendar. 

 “The mobile-friendly website features a modern look and employs the latest technology to engage and inform visitors,” said Andy Gieraltowski, ACPA’s Vice President of Operations and IT.


Members-Only Portal
Exploring the site beyond the home page, however, visitors will see much more.   Gieraltowski explained that the site goes far beyond the traditional role of simply delivering static content.  New interactive features of the site will present content dynamically and allow members to participate in committee/task force business online through a revamped members-only portal.  The portal includes functionality that allows members to communicate with each other and share resources. 

“The ACPA members-only portal, will allow association members, staff, and affiliates to connect, collaborate, and engage in association business activities online,” he said. 

Other Major Improvements  
Site visitors also will be able to enjoy the benefits of:

  • Improved ease-of-access—Faster and easier access to a wide range of information concerning the association, the concrete pavement industry, upcoming events, news, and resources.
  • Searchable content—A search field on the home page allows quick access to content.  By typing key words or phrases immediately to the right of the search icon on the home page, visitors can retrieve a wealth of information and resources.
  • Social media integration—Members and other site visitors can quickly connect with ACPA’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels.   Using these and other social media channels, they also can post links and comments about individual items of interest to colleagues, customers, agencies/owners, and others in the transportation-construction community.
  • Cross-platform compatibility­—The website is fully functional with Windows, Macintosh, and other operating systems.   This allows seamless access using a wide range of digital devices, including PC’s, smartphones (iPhone and Droid), tablets, and other digital devices.

Members-Only Benefits
In addition to the features described above, ACPA members can log-in and visit the ‘online benefits’ section to enjoy a wide range of benefits available exclusively to members.   A few examples include:

  • Technical recommendations or other support from ACPA experts.
  • Collaboration with ACPA Committee and Task Force members.
  • Timely news about the association and industry, including some members-only news and information.
  • Updates and involvement in government affairs and other advocacy activities.
  • Networking and connecting with the concrete paving community.
  • Accessing member-company and individual contact information.
  • Obtaining discounted rates on event registrations, education & training, software and other digital resources, and literature.

Featured ACPA Web App: AirCost LCCA

View the App |  View all ACPA Apps

 AirCost® is a life-cycle analysis tool for airport pavement maintenance. The program allows users to analyze and document airport pavement cost activities, as well as to do scenario analyses for future needs and cost requirements.

User interface shows the four major components of AirCost.

User interface shows the four major components of AirCost.

The program is comprised of four main components: (1) Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Parameter Specification, (2) Scenario Alternatives Analysis, (3) Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Simulation, and (4) Viewing Simulation Results.

Help documentation included in the downloadable “ZIP” file contains step-by-step instructions and tips to demonstrate the functionality and capability of AirCost, and more generally, to support the use of the program.   

The program is  a Microsoft Excel app, and is designed for Windows XP (or later) operating systems.   Users must have Microsoft Excel 2003 (or later versions) to run the program. 

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