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Guide to Concrete Overlays Nears Completion

The third edition of the “Guide to Concrete Overlays” is currently in print production and soon will be sent to ACPA Chapter/States for distribution.  The updated guide was first produced in January 2007, and then, updated and reprinted in September 2008.  ACPA was among the organizations providing funding and technical review of the publication.

ACPA Urges Members, Affiliates to Complete Strategic Planning Survey

The American Concrete Pavement Association has embarked on a strategic planning process, which is something the Association has done every three to five years for at least three decades.  Strategic planning helps ACPA meet the membership’s needs by targeting programs and projects for the highest value to members, ACPA-affiliated Chapter/State paving associations, and owner/agency customers. 

ACPA is urging members to complete surveys sent earlier this week, as well as to provide feedback for telephone surveys initiated by Brad Lawton of Strategy Partners.   ACPA values your opinions, which are vital to the process.  Also, because the Association has such a diverse membership base, it’s essential that as many members and affiliates from each category participate.

The deadline for the online survey, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete, is the close of business June 13.  The timing is related to ACPA’s plans to analyze results and provide a basic review during our upcoming Strategic Advisory Board Meeting, scheduled for June 25, beginning at 8 a.m. (CDT).  

As noted, ACPA is working with Brad Lawton of Strategy Partners, who has extensive experience with leading strategic planning, not only for ACPA, but also for other cement & concrete companies and associations.  

Chapter/State Meeting Focuses on Short and Long-Term Priorities

ACPA Chairman Tom Beck, ACPA staff members, representatives from 16 ACPA-affiliated Chapter/State paving associations, and the CP Tech Center met in Nashville last month for the semi-annual ACPA Chapter/State committee meeting.  The forum provided an excellent exchange of information, including success stories from the Chapter/State associations (including the Cement Association of Canada).

The Chapter/State executives and other staff also had an opportunity to help frame local issues that will be factored into ACPA’s strategic planning initiative and to improve the working relationship among Chapter/States and ACPA national, explained Andrew Maybee, P.E., Executive Director at Concrete Paving Association of Tennessee and 2014 Chairman of the ACPA Chapter/State Committee.   

“The primary focus of the meeting was to get that strategic planning listening session in and spend as much time as we needed on that,” Maybee said.  He also commented on the “FutureThink” session, where the Chapter/States are “continuing to look at our priority lists and where we would like the Chapter/State organization to be in three to five years, and then longer range, 10 years.”  

Maybee added that there was also a session where the Chapter/States also talked openly about one success and one challenge for each state or region. He added that all the sessions tied together will culminate into prioritized activities to be proposed to ACPA ahead of the mid-year Strategic Board Meeting in both the short and long term.

“We’ve been a little reactionary to our needs and priorities, and that’s hard for national staff to deal with,” Maybee said, adding that, “We still need a mechanism for a rapid response to needs, but we need to communicate in a formal manner the things we’ve prioritized as top needs.”

ACPA Encourages Participation in TCC Fly-In, Rally for Roads


The Transportation Construction Coalition’s (TCC) fly-in is scheduled for June 10 and 11 at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C.  An estimated 300 participants are expected to participate in the event this year.

The event is being held in conjunction with the 3rd “Rally for Roads” event.  For additional details about the Rally, please view the event flyer (linked above) or visit the website at:  There is no cost to attend the Rally for Roads, and all members are welcome and encouraged to participate.



ACPA Colorado/Wyoming Chapter Seeks Executive Director

The American Concrete Pavement Association – Colorado/Wyoming Chapter is seeking an Executive Director responsible for planning and implementing programs focused on expanding the use of concrete pavements in the construction, rehabilitation, airports, streets and roads and industrial facilities and maintenance of highways throughout the Colorado and Wyoming.

Responsible for providing technical support to paving contractors and working closely with Colorado and Wyoming Departments of Transportation, city and county agencies, industry associations, and other related organizations.

Position requires demonstrated expertise/experience in paving (preferably with strong design, construction, and materials background); technology transfer/implementation; program management. BS in Civil Engineering is a must; Professional Engineer preferred. Must have strong presentation and writing skills and be willing to travel a minimum 25 percent. Individual will work from the chapter’s Colorado office.

Specific duties and responsibilities are focused on developing and implementing efforts focused on:

  • Long-term performance – addressing key initiatives and issues relating to concrete pavement durability, constructability, design, first-cost and life-cycle costs, maintenance, warranties, and other relevant issues.
  • Traffic management –further developing and transferring technology and best practices for managing concrete construction/rehabilitation under traffic conditions.
  • Innovation – building on the successes of Fast Track methodologies, white topping and other concrete overlay technology, recycling, ride specs, and performance incentives to assist in the development and use of innovative PCC pavement products, processes, and practices in the paving market.
  • Quality – providing leadership through highly-visible presence and proactive involvement with state and national quality initiatives with the aim of ensuring compliance, fostering industry support, partnering with industry stakeholders, and an objective consideration of paving products.
  • Mechanistic Design – providing leadership through proactive involvement with and among all stakeholders (AASHTO, CDOT, WyDot, ACPA, Local Agencies, and other public-private partners) to implement mechanistic design programs and tools. Familiarity/experience with AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design is a plus.

Position also requires identifying, addressing, and communicating short-term (early warning) and long-range strategies and opportunities related to highway pavement construction and rehabilitation. Responsible for implementing the Strategic Plan and competing for fair market share.

Ideal candidate will provide strong leadership and support to the industry’s R&D program, including technology transfer, technology implementation, training, and education.

Also must be familiar with federal and state governmental (legislative and executive) initiatives, funding mechanisms, and activities relating to highways construction/rehabilitation. Candidates with experience in effective public advocacy will be given strong consideration.

Send confidential resume/salary history to:

                                               Barbara Applegate
                                               American Concrete Pavement Association
                                               Colorado Wyoming Chapter
                                               6880 South Yosemite Court, Ste. 100
                                               Centennial, Colorado 80112

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