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PCA/ACPA Paving Webinar Set for Friday

PCA announced yesterday the web link for the PCA/ACPA concrete pavement webinar, which is held monthly. The next webinar is scheduled for this Friday at 11 a.m. (Eastern) / 10 a.m. (Central).

GoToMeeting does not require registration. Please refer to the “Join GoToMeeting” button in this email to join the webinar on Friday morning. The hour-long webinar will include a presentation on portland-limestone cement (PLC), a blended cement with a higher limestone content than portland cement. Presented by Jamie Farny, PCA’s Director of Building Marketing, he will provide an overview of PLCs, which are resulting in more environmentally friendly construction.

The second presentation will be by Charles Stuart, Executive Director of the Southwest Concrete Pavement Association. He will discuss successes in outreach and training in California, which is part of our ACPA/PCA Promotion Plan. Through program initiatives led by Charles and SCPA, we have seen increased concrete pavement usage.

No advance registration is required to participate in the webinar. To join, click here to log-in just ahead of the start time.

A Message from ACPA Chairman Greg McCormick

This year has been a year like no other. Despite all the major challenges facing the world, our nation, and our segment of the construction industry, one thing never has wavered—ACPA’s commitment to provide consistent value to our members and their essential businesses!

This is the spirit that we carry us with us for the 57th Annual Meeting, which as we reported last week, will be a virtual event. Our theme—Essential…Every Day—expresses the core importance of highways, airports and roads, which are so essential to our country’s economy/mobility. The theme also captures the contribution of ACPA member businesses, which build the backbone of all surface transportation, along with the value of our Association, which unites our industry for continual improvement. Essential…Every Day is also a fitting tribute to the employees of our ACPA member companies!

Whether you have spent time this year sheltered in place or on the grade, I hope you make plans to participate in the 57th Annual Meeting virtual event and also encourage others in the industry and your company to do so, too. Like mine, your company’s essential business depends on the relationships you build through ACPA, and although we won’t see each in person, our virtual event will be a great opportunity for you and your team to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones, which we’re confident will build and strengthen bonds with friends, industry colleagues, and other invited guests during this unprecedented time.

Let’s move forward together. In that spirit, remember that what you do, and what ACPA does, is Essential…Every Day! Mark your calendars for December 1st through 3rd and watch for more information in future editions of ACPA Today.

Did You See “3 Minutes on Monday?”

ACPA’s “3 Minutes on Monday” video log (or vlog) continues to generate positive feedback from members and others throughout the industry. If you missed it, here are links to the last two updates:

This Week: Updates and Improvements

Last Week: Major Announcement of Cooperative Agreement with FAA

The video messages are sent to all ACPA members, staff, and chapters on Monday mornings, usually around 8 a.m. (Eastern).  If you’re not receiving the video links, please contact Bill Davenport at or 874.423.8703.

Our complete collection is now organized in a playlist on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe at @ConcretePavements and to check out the “3 Minutes on Monday” playlist.

CP Tech Center Executive Board Reviews Efforts and Lays Out New Plans

Dr. Peter Taylor and Gordon Smith last Friday led a meeting of the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center’s Executive Board. In addition to reviewing progress and accomplishments, the Center outlined its future program plans.

The Executive Board discussed and supported the continued efforts on concrete overlay implementation, performance-engineered mixtures, and the joint webinar program with ACPA and the ACPA-affiliated chapters/state associations. Year to date, more than 9,700 people have been trained on these webinars.

The meeting included an update on the cooperative agreements with Federal Highway Administration ($2.3 Million under contract, 20 consultants engaged in the program to date) and the new agreement just signed with Federal Aviation Administration ($3.5 Million to manage an applied research program). Jerry Voigt highlighted the new FAA Cooperative Agreement in ACPA’s 3 Minutes on Monday on September 21.

ACPA members Board members spoke passionately about the value the Center provides.

“Our partners rely on the Center and it provides great third party credibility,” says Ernie Peterson, Ash Grove Cement.

“The CP Tech Center is helping ACPA and ACPA contractors answer the challenges of state highway agencies,“ says Robert Seghetti, Acme Concrete Paving Inc.

ACPA Participates in Florida PaveWise Conference

The Florida Chapter of ACPA (Florida Concrete and Products Association) along with the Florida Department of Transportation hosted its inaugural PaveWise 2020 Concrete Conference.

A brief video kicked off the program and provided participants with an informative and inspiring message about the features and benefits of concrete pavements.

The two-day virtual conference consisted of five ‘hot button’ sessions for the local industry, including the state of the market in Florida, tools and resources, best practices, the future of freight transportation, and a local roads roundtable. Local, state, and national experts helped paint an optimistic future for concrete pavements in Florida, while also highlighting some impressive recent project examples from the past year.

Jerry Voigt and Eric Ferrebee participated in the conference, helping provide the broad, national perspective of the concrete paving industry. Jerry presented a national update on ACPA and the state of the concrete pavement market around the country in the opening session. Others presenting in the session were Matt Sitter, FC&PA President, Kevin Thibault, Florida DOT (FDOT) Secretary, and Tim Lattner, Director–Office of Design for FDOT.

Commenting on highlights of the virtual workshop, Matt says, “We are happy to be working with FDOT to publish a ‘Florida Streets and Local Road Manual,’ which was presented on Thursday by Roger Schmitt of FCPA and Greg Davis of FDOT.”

Eric gave an update on PavementDesigner, and also presented best practices for designing concrete pavements. ACPA members Jim Mack of CEMEX , Monica Manolas of Ash Grove South, and Sam Joiner of Ajax Paving also participated in the event. ACPA technology partners IGGA and the CP Tech Center were represented by John Roberts and Gordon Smith.

“Amy Wedel moderated a session exploring Florida’s growth and freight demands,” Matt says, adding, “Florida is a leader in autonomous and connected vehicles. Tyler Ley presented a vision of how autonomous truck lanes could make Florida’s roads safer, more efficient, and last longer.

The 2020 PaveWise Concrete Conference turned out to be a great success, even with the challenge of moving to an online format. The conference drew more than 200 attendees for each of the sessions. The Florida Chapter is excited to continue the success of pavement promotion and has already set the date of the second PaveWise Concrete Conference for 2021.


Illustration shows the “Pavewise 2020” conference logo against one of many features of concrete pavement captured in a video used to kick-off the event.

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