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ACPA Board Maintains Focus on the Business of Concrete Paving

The ACPA board of directors held its 2nd quarter board meeting last Thursday by web conference. Despite the obvious difference in meeting format, ACPA’s volunteer and staff leaders were sharply focused on the Association’s mission to support members, chapters, and agencies through a range of different programs and activities.

The board discussed upcoming meetings, which of course, are impacted by several factors, including state policies on “re-openings.” But there are other factors, including how likely or unlikely members are to travel for upcoming meetings through the balance of the year. As such, ACPA earlier today launched a survey to gauge member and affiliate thoughts about the options of a live or virtual annual meeting in early December. If you haven’t taken the survey, we ask you to let us know your thoughts as soon as possible. Click here to take the survey.

The board also heard a year-to-date update from Jerry Voigt, and the briefing provided a clear view of the ACPA staff sharp focus on results, in spite of the pandemic and state-ordered work-at-home mandates. These same results were shared in ACPA’s 3 Minutes on Monday report this week.

More specifically, the board heard about some of the many initiatives Leif Wathne has been leading to support the industry and DOT partners through legislative actions. Scott Mueller provided an update on the promotional plan he and a team of local promoters are executing in key states. They also heard about Gary Mitchell’s work in co-developing a cooperative agreement with the FAA – one which we believe will involve the CP Tech Center and which we are confident will return great value to the airport pavement community. Lastly, other important staff-driven projects were outlined, which demonstrate the staff’s full-service approach and cohesive efforts under work at home orders.

As we have noted before, this is not business as usual, but business despite the adverse conditions facing us all.

Remembering Wayne VanMeter

ACPA learned yesterday of the passing of Arlo “Wayne” VanMeter, formerly of Clarkson Construction Company. He passed away on June 9, 2020 in Weston, MO.

Wayne began working for Clarkson Construction Company in 1966 and was one of the founding members of the Missouri/Kansas Chapter in 1987, as well as its predecessor Missouri/Kansas P.C. Concrete Paving Group. Wayne led the Chapter as Chairman in both 1991 and 1996. He was also instrumental in starting the Missouri/Kansas Concrete Pavement Workshop in 1980; the workshop commemorated its 40th anniversary earlier this year.

“For myself and many people in the industry, we will remember Wayne as a soft spoken, but very influential man and a pioneer and strong supporter of both the industry and the people who make up the industry,” says Jerry Voigt, ACPA President & CEO. “He possessed the admirable traits of being both a strong and passionate leader, while also being very kind and thoughtful.”

Wayne’s passion for concrete paving and his support for the industry and association—even through some difficult times—cannot be undervalued,” says Todd LaTorella, Missouri/Kansas Chapter Executive. “Wayne understood that the success of our industry relied on the agencies, engineering community, and industry working together.”

We extend our deepest sympathies to the VanMeter family, and their many friends and colleagues throughout the industry.

Visitation and services were held Sunday and Monday of this week, but those who wish to deliver a message of condolence to the family are encouraged to visit a memorial page at: In addition to leaving a remembrance or message of sympathy, the site also presents an option of planting a tree in his honor.

ACPA Identifies Key Topics for PCA Paving Committee Calls

ACPA has developed topics and confirmed speakers for several of the monthly PCA Paving Committee calls, including:

  • (July 10th) Advancing the Cement usage in Soil Stabilization Specifications – This is a success story involving the Indiana DOT. Presenter: John Leckie, Indiana Chapter-ACPA.
  • (August 14th) Lifecycle Cost Analysis/Asset Management with the Arkansas DOT – Keeping a close pulse on the DOT leads to new opportunities. Presenter: Alan Meadors, Oklahoma/Arkansas Chapter.
  • (September 11th) Resiliency and Resilient Pavement Perspectives – Programs and demands are advancing in the Southeastern/Mid Atlantic United States. Participants will hear how the pavement industry (via ACPA) is approaching this opportunity. Presenters: Amy Wedel (Florida Chapter), Ray Seipp (Mid-Atlantic Chapter), and Jim Mack (CEMEX).

ACPA has long partnered with PCA to co-present topics for the monthly PCA Paving Committee conference call. Look for additional topics and registration details to come from PCA and to be announced in ACPA TODAY.

LTIP Meeting Update

A web conference of the FHWA’s Long-Term Infrastructure Performance (LTIP) technical working group this week provided an opportunity to discuss research ideas, according to Larry Scofield.

The FHWA presented their prioritized listing of research ideas for developing problem statements to the AASHTO COMP by July 1, he says. The group discussed, edited, and prioritized the research ideas. Three of the ideas were recommended for development into problem statements and submission to AASHTO. The FHWA asked for volunteers to help develop the problem statements.

The LTIP programs include both the Long-Term Pavement Performance Program and the Long-Term Bridge Performance Program.

Thin Concrete Overlay Exceeds its Design Life

When county officials decided to place a 1.25 mile concrete overlay in Manitowoc County, WI, it was with the understanding the pavement would last about 10 years.  The pavement, at 19 years, is still in service, which is remarkable considering it’s only 4 in. thick through most of the section.

Kevin McMullen and Jackie Spoor of the Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association, along with Jerry Voigt of ACPA National, had an opportunity to inspect the pavement recently.

Kevin attributes the overlay’s longevity to several factors. “It has good grade, the shoulders are in good condition and there’s no heaves or sign of collapsing, and there are really no changes in the overlay,” he says. “It just keeps taking loads as it’s intended to do.”

Kevin credits the County Commissioner at the time, Gary Kennedy, for his efforts in providing accurate traffic counts, including truck traffic, and for supporting the decision to use concrete.

The two-lane concrete overlay was placed on County Trunk Highway “R” (Rapids Road) from Menasha Ave. to Waldo Blvd. The fiber-reinforced concrete overlay was placed over an existing asphalt overlay, which had been placed on the original concrete highway.

Vinton Construction Company constructed the project, and Kevin credits communication between the contractor and the county as an important factor in the success of the pavement. The pavement runs through a residential area that also has a few restaurants and a Vinton plant at one end of the section.

One lane was closed to traffic for construction, leaving one lane open to traffic at all times. One lane of traffic was kept open at all times, and the paved sections were re-opened to traffic within 24 hours.

The contractor completed the paving in three days—two days in one direction and one day in the other direction to pave the 14-ft sections (11 ft.-wide lanes and 3 ft. shoulders). The project was the recipient of a “Gold” award in the 2002 ACPA “Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards,” and has endured with little to no maintenance.

Even so, the pavement is ready to be rehabilitated. “The pavement is fatigued,” Kevin says, adding that he is working with the current County Commissioner Marc Holsen, who has been collecting pavement cores and soil borings, and covering the basics necessary to ensure the next pavement solution is a durable one.

“We’re working through details on designs and other recommendations,” Kevin says. While it’s too early to tell what the final solution will be, the aim is to provide a pavement solution that may exceed its design life.

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