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Reliever & General Aviation Airports – Gold Award

Gold Award – Sioux County Regional Airport, Sioux Co., IA

Contractor: Cedar Valley Corporation*

Owner: Sioux County Regional Airport    

Engineer: DGR Engineering

Creating a new airport out of an Iowa cornfield is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, according to the engineer who headed up the team that designed the Sioux County Regional Airport. Due to a funding quirk by the Federal Aviation Administration, this concrete paving project was built under two different contracts separated by a year.

In addition to the phasing challenges posed by the FAA multi-year funding package, horrible weather conditions during the two years also posed scheduling challenges. Overall, the airport was constructed during five different construction seasons. Cedar Valley Corporation built a 5,500 lineal ft. by 100-ft.-wide runway. The paving also

included four taxiways, a large apron area, and the concrete around two T-hangars. In all, CVC placed 122,532 SY of concrete. In spite of weather conditions, crews placed concrete 47 different days to complete these projects.

The stops and starts in the project, stemming from the funding issue and bad weather, may have affected the schedule, but did not impact CVC’s focus on quality. The contractor was not allowed to use probes to determine concrete strength, so crews used extra sets of beams to determine early strengths.

CVC met or exceeded all quality goals and despite the difficult site conditions, the company posted an exceptional safety record on the project. There were no loss of time injuries or recordable vehicular accidents with almost 47,000 man-hours of exposure.

* ACPA member.

Reliever & General Aviation Airports – Silver Award

Reliever & General Aviation Airports

Silver Award – Runway 18-36 Extension, Delphi Municipal Airport, Delphi, IN
Contractor: E&B Paving, Inc.*
Owner:  City of Delphi Board of Aviation Commissioners  
Engineer: NGC Corporation

Shortly after this project began, it was discovered during fine grade and proof rolling that several areas needed attention. After placing the 2,750 ft. of underdrain, the grading contractor began undercutting the 2,944 SY of subgrade 12-in.-deep, placed geogrid, then filled with approved #2 stone.

At this point, the fall rains set in and then turned cold. In order to deliver the best project possible, the contractor completed the subbase and paving in late spring. E&B Paving began placing the required 4 in. of P-209 last June and completed the 2,512 tons placement the following day.

Because of weather, paving of the 60-ft.-wide runway began on June 14, at which time E&B Paving elected to pave the center 20-ft. lane first so the subbase could be re-graded. After the curing, the contractor started paving the two outside lanes using the lithium nitrate mitigated 6-in. P-501 concrete. All 1,108 CY of concrete were delivered in front discharge trucks from the nearby Lafayette plant. This 1,350-ft. project then had joints widened, beveled and sealed with silicone sealant.

In 2008, a 5-in. concrete overlay was placed on the 2,650-ft. runway, so now with the addition of the 1,350-ft. extension, Delphi Municipal Airport has a well-designed and constructed runway that will serve the area for many years to come. The 4,000-ft. runway can now accept small jets and other aircraft, which is important to the business and economic growth in Delphi and the surrounding communities.

*ACPA Member

ACPA Announces Excellence Award Recipients

The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) has named recipients of its 30th Annual “Excellence in Concrete Pavements” awards, which recognize quality concrete pavements constructed in the United States and Canada.  The awards program encourages high-quality workmanship, quality and creativity in constructing,   rehabilitating and restoring concrete pavement projects.  

The award-winning projects were paved by 23 different contractors.  Projects are located in 15 ACPA areas represented by ACPA-affiliated Chapters and State paving associations.  Winners were determined by 41 professionals who devoted their time and expertise to serve as judges.   

The program recognizes contractors, engineers, and project owners who completed outstanding projects.   Please click on links below for more information and photo of the award recipients.  To see all the award photos (recipients and projects, please click here).

The 2019 award recipients are:

Silver Commercial Service & Military Airports The Lane Construction Corporation
Gold Commercial Service & Military Airports Ideker, Inc.
Silver Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR) Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.
Gold Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR) Duit Construction Co., Inc.
Silver County Roads Cedar Valley Corp., LLC
Gold County Roads Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.
Silver Divided Highways (Rural) Golden Triangle Construction Company
Gold Divided Highways (Rural) Cedar Valley Corp., LLC
Silver Divided Highways (Urban) Koss Construction Company
Gold Divided Highways (Urban) Archer Western Construction, LLC
Gold Industrial Paving McCarthy Improvement Company
Silver Municipal Streets & Intersections (<30k SY) Complete Concrete, Inc.
Gold Municipal Streets & Intersections (<30k SY) Ptaschinski Construction Company
Silver Municipal Streets & Intersections (>30k SY) Prus Construction
Gold Municipal Streets & Intersections (>30k SY) Castle Rock Construction Company
Gold Overlays (Airports) Hi-Way Paving, Inc.
Silver Overlays (Highways) Croell Inc.
Gold Overlays (Highways) E&B Paving, Inc.
Gold Overlays (Streets and Roads) Milestone Contractors
Silver RCC (Industrial) AG Peltz Group, LLC
Gold RCC (Industrial) Morgan Corp.
Silver RCC (Special Application) Andale Construction, Inc.
Gold RCC (Special Application) FBD Vanguard Construction, Inc.
Silver Reliever & General Aviation Airports E&B Paving, Inc.
Gold Reliever & General Aviation Airports Cedar Valley Corp., LLC
Silver State Roads Primco, Inc.
Gold State Roads Emery Sapp & Sons


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