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ACPA Urges Increased Participation in Legislative Issues Task Force

ACPA is urging members to participate in the association’s Legislative Issues Task Force (LITF).   

The two-fold request is centered on developing a group of people who can quickly mobilize to contact Congress on key issues as they arise, as well as to participate by “opting in” to LITF emails.   Specifically, the requests are:

  • For help from time to time in engaging with your members of Congress to educate them on the importance of investing in infrastructure, and the critical role our industry plays in that regard.  This will enable ACPA and its members to to more effectively influence Congress to move quickly, decisively, and in full support of well-funded, long-term solutions that will create more opportunities for our concrete pavement industry.
  • For members and Chapter/State affiliates to “opt in” to our Legislative Issues Task Force emails, which include advisories, alerts, and calls to actions.   (Respecting people’s valuable time, ACPA “color codes” these as green (information items); yellow (urgent or time-sensitive alerts), and red (requests for action and response).

Why is this Important?
Given the severe funding challenge the federal aid highway program is currently facing, and the importance that federal investment plays for our concrete pavement industry, it’s vital for everyone in the transportation-construction industry to help with the “heavy lifting.”   Only if we all do our part—whether it’s a small part or a larger role—will we ever break the impasse and influence our elected officials to provide the long-term funding and policy solutions that have a direct positive impact on construction projects in every state.

How You Can Help
The best way to start is to send us an email to with the subject line “Opt In.”   (In fact, interested parties can simply click on the link, add your name, and hit the send button.)

 We’ll then add your name to our distribution list, which will keep you posted on some of our actions directly with Congress, as well as our efforts with the Transportation Construction Coalition (comprised of ARTBA, AGC, and other transportation and labor organizations), the Highway Materials Group (ACPA, NSSGA,  NRMCAPCA , CRSI and NAPA), as well as the American Highways Users Alliance.

 With your help, we have a great opportunity to secure the funding that will allow long-term investments in both our nation’s infrastructure, as well as your company, your employees, and your bottom line. 

 Please “opt in” to let us know we can count on your involvement!


ACPA Distinguished Service and Recognition Award Nominations

 The 2015 ACPA Distinguished  Service Awards were presented to the recipients at the Association’s 52nd Annual Meeting.  The annual meeting this year is scheduled for December 1st through 4th at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa, Bonita Springs, Fla. 

ACPA’s Distinguished Service Awards program was  established in 1968 when the Association’s first honoree was James W. Johnson, Iowa Highway Commission Testing Lab for invention of the slip form paver.  Nominations are open for five awards, described and web-linked below:

  • Hartmann-Hirschman-Egan Award – Awarded annually since 1968.   The award is presented to individuals or organizations for unparalleled, long-term commitment, dedication, participation, and leadership in the concrete pavement community. 
  • Marlin J. Knutson Award for Technical Achievement – Awarded annually since 1998.  The award is presented to an individual or group who has made significant contributions to advance the development and implementation of technical innovations and best practices in the design and construction of concrete pavements. 
  • Outstanding Pavement Promotion Award – Awarded selectively since 1998.  The award is presented to an individual or group who has made significant contributions through promotion efforts or programs to advance the awareness, specification, and/or placement of concrete pavements.   
  • Lifetime Pavement Recognition Award – Awarded annually since 1994.  The award is presented to the agency owner of an in-service concrete pavement that has demonstrated exceptional performance and service to its local community, state, and users.  (This recognition rotates annually between public market segments: highway, street and airport. In 2014 we will recognize an airport pavement.)
  • Sustainable Practices Recognition Award – A recognition starting in 2010, the award is presented to an organization or team (owner and contractor) that demonstrates leadership by implementing sustainable design and construction practices that consider societal, environmental and economic factors.


Click here to see past award recipients.

ACPA Updates National RCC Explorer

ACPA’s National RCC Explorer has been updated to include an additional 17 projects, bringing the total to 281 projects across the continental United States.

The explorer is ACPA’s web-based resource that allows contractors, agency personnel/owners’ representatives, consultants, and others to view roller-compacted concrete projects.  RCCMAP-August2014

This robust tool allows site visitors to sort projects by application/facility type; state; thickness; contractor;  and year constructed.   The explorer also features a sort field that allows visitors to view nominal maximum aggregate size, as well as to select projects with or without photos.

The explorer contains a wealth of construction details and other information about RCC various projects, including whether the projects are currently in service.




Featured App: Area and Volume Calculator

AreaVolumeAppACPA offers this simple applet that allows users to calculate plan area and volume of material based quickly on a pavement or subbase/subgrade layer’s thickness, width, and length.

To use ACPA’s Area and Volume Calculator, simply enter thickness, width, and length (using English or Metric settings).   After pressing the “calculate” button, users can then see the area and volume.   With this information, users can also calculate tons of cement, presuming the calculated area and volume is a concrete surface course. 

For this and other apps and software interfaces, visit ACPA’s apps library at:

Vulcan Materials Appoints New Chief Executive

Vulcan Materials Company, an ACPA member company, recently appointed J. Thomas Hill as President and Chief Executive Officer, and also elected him to the Board of Directors. Hill, the Company’s former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Hill-VulcanMaterials-Aug2014Officer, succeeds Donald James, who will assume the role of Executive Chairman.

“Having successfully navigated the worst downturn in our industry’s history, now is the right time to put in place our new leadership team, led by Tom, to guide the company and expand our market leadership in the industry,”  James said.  “Tom has been a tremendous asset to our Company over the years, particularly as we successfully enhanced Vulcan’s profitability and financial strength during the market downturn and positioned the Company for strong performance during the recovery.

“Tom is a proven leader with vast operational and industry experience and superlative management skills. He is the right person at the right time to lead our company forward in its next phase of growth. Given his strong track record at Vulcan, deep understanding of our organization and close relationship with the management team, we are confident that Tom will transition seamlessly into this new role,” he added.

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