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New Deadline for Distinguished Service Awards

ACPA has extended the deadline for the 2018 “Distinguished Service Awards” from this Friday (August 3) to Friday, August 10.

At the present time, there are a number of nominees for two of the award categories, but ACPA is inviting nominations for these three award categories:

The links above lead directly to submittal pages.  To see a list of past recipients, follow this link, then scroll down to “Award Recipients,” and highlight the award categories to see details.

APWA Holds Photo Contest

The ACPA Emerging Leaders Group is leading the charge on a new photo contest sponsored by the the 2018 Public Works Expo (PWX).   The theme of the contest is, “The Power of Public Works,” and the contest is open to all.

Think you might have a winning photo? Follow these steps to enter contest:

  1. Visit: and upload your best photo!
  2. Write a catchy title.
  3. Write a short description of the photo or project.
  4. Submit your photo by Wednesday, August 8th @ 11:55 p.m. (CDT).

You can also vote for your favorite concrete pavement photo in the APWA contest by August 28th (  Click here to see a flyer. 

In related news, ACPA chapters and state paving associations from Missouri/Kansas, Iowa and Indiana will be exhibiting at the American Public Works Association’s PWX Expo (booth 1203) in Kansas City, KS.  The event gives Chapter/States the opportunity to visit with their public works contacts, including public works directors and other municipal officials.  The expo runs from Aug. 26 through 28.


Summit Sets Promotion Plan in Motion

A group of about 40 members and promoters from ACPA, PCA and NRMCA gathered for a paving summit near the ACPA office in Rosemont recently. The ACPA board of directors and chapter/state committee, as well as the leadership and staff of the other associations, were well-represented at the meeting. 

Participants presented ideas and discussed the most critical priorities for promotion in the paving market. The summit reinforced and refined the overall strategy of working together more effectively and defining roles more clearly, while also sharpening the focus on specific strategies for promoting cement and concrete-based pavement solutions. Here are the summit’s key outcomes: 

  • Working in partnership with PCA and NRMCA, ACPA will lead a small group to review and update the state-by-state market potential analysis that ACPA authored in 2015, and which drew upon the original PricewaterhouseCoopers market plan for pavement promotion.  The intent is to inform decisions on where focusing more boots on the ground for promotion may produce the largest market impact.
  • ACPA will lead a team of volunteers from the summit to organize and refine the list of promotional ideas generated during the discussion.  The intent is to inform decisions on what promotional tactics are recommended as part of the proposal to produce the largest impact.

These efforts will contribute to a proposal being developed by ACPA in partnership with PCA and NRMCA for enhanced pavement promotion. Based on the consensus from the summit, the proposal will include a significant emphasis on “boots on the street” promotion, while also increasing efforts to inform customers of the advantages of healthy industry competition in pavement material type selection. 

The proposal, which is being developed over the course of the next few weeks, will be presented to the PCA Board of Directors at their next meeting scheduled during the association’s summer meetings set for Aug. 28 and 29.

“We’re enthusiastic about the progress we made, as well as the strong support for moving forward together in a clear, positive and productive manner,” says Jerry Voigt, ACPA President and CEO. “We’re confident the addition of a new promotion plan to our efforts already underway will greatly benefit the members of all three associations.”


ACPA Presents at Professors’ Workshop

ACPA is once again supporting the PCA Education Foundation’s Professors’ Workshop with presentations during the five-day event scheduled for July 23 through 27 at the PCA campus in Skokie, Ill.

Eric Ferrebee will be presenting an overview of concrete pavements in addition to concrete pavement design, including a discussion on, the concrete pavement thickness design platform co-developed by ACPA, PCA, and NRMCA, with support from the RCC Pavement Council.  Regarding PavementDesigner, this workshop is the latest in a series of more than two dozen seminars, workshops, and webinars that have provided solid training on the platform for more than 1,800 professionals.

Eric’s presentations at the Professors’ Workshop are part of a three-day pavement track that begins today (July 25) and runs through Friday.  The track is part of the full, five-day course, “Teaching Concrete Materials, Pavements, and Structures (Buildings & Bridges),” which is geared toward university faculty in engineering, architecture, and construction management programs, and is designed to provide tools and resources to teach the latest developments in concrete design, construction, and materials. The week-long event also includes networking opportunities to exchange ideas with professors from many universities.

Deadline Approaches for Award Nominations  

ACPA is reminding members and affiliates that the deadline for submitting Distinguished Service Award nominations is next Friday, August 3.

To submit a nomination for the 2018 awards, please follow this link to view past award recipients and to see nominate in multiple categories. To go directly to the specific award nomination pages, click the highlighted links below:

  • Hartmann-Hirschman-Egan Award – Awarded annually since 1968. The award is presented to individuals or organizations for unparalleled, long-term commitment, dedication, participation, and leadership in the concrete pavement community. 
  • Marlin J. Knutson Award for Technical Achievement – Awarded annually since 1998. The award is presented to an individual or group who has made significant contributions to advance the development and implementation of technical innovations and best practices in the design and construction of concrete pavements. 
  • Outstanding Pavement Promotion Award – Awarded selectively since 1998. The award is presented to an individual or group who has made significant contributions through promotion efforts or programs to advance the awareness, specification, and/or placement of concrete pavements.   
  • Lifetime Pavement Recognition Award (Street/Road) – Awarded annually since 1994. The award is presented to the agency owner of an in-service concrete pavement that has demonstrated exceptional performance and service to its local community, state, and users.  (This recognition rotates annually between market segments. This year, we will recognize an exceptional street/road project.)
  • Sustainable Practices Recognition Award– Presented first in 2010, this award goes to an organization or team (owner and contractor) that demonstrates leadership by implementing design and construction practices that consider societal, environmental and economic factors.

The awards will be presented to the recipients at the Association’s 55th Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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