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Video Offers Tips to Safeguard Highway Workzones

ARTBA has produced a video explaining strategies and methods for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases on highway work zones.

The 7-1/2 minute animation video explains the three basic strategies are jobsite screening, social distancing and sanitation.  The vide then provides tips and techniques for following these strategies to keep workers safe on the grade and other work areas. The video is currently available in English, but a Spanish version is planned for release soon. Click here to view the video. 

ACPA Adds New Resources to COVID-19 Resource Center

ACPA has added additional resources to our COVID-19 resource center.

Additions include the latest “ACPA 3 Minutes on Monday” special report, along with a video on the prevention of COVID-19 and other pathogens in construction workzones. We’ve also added several new public policy and human health & safety resources, including updates (with the dates of the updates noted).

Please click here or visit: To suggest additional resources, please forward information to

Tech Overview Covers Concrete Workability and Test Methods

In its ongoing series of “Observations from the FHWA Mobile Concrete Technology Center (MCTC),” the technology overview covers some practical workability tests for concrete used in slip-form paving.  

The information-packed information sheet provides a description of workability, then details the Box test and the VKelly test, both of which provide an enhanced assessment of concrete workability.

The illustrated publication describes features of both tests and says a common feature of both tests is they measure concrete’s response to vibration and better assess the workability of concrete during field placement. Though both tests can be used in the field, the primary use is during mix design/approval for optimizing concrete mixtures, the MCTC says.

The publication continues with a description of slump and explains why, in spite of limitations, slump testing is also important in concrete mixture evaluation.  A brief summary provides the reader with highlights of one of the MCTC’s latest publications. 


ACPA and Industry Allies Plan Work Zone Safety Campaign

ACPA and 19 other highway and transportation construction organizations* will join forces to build awareness of work zone safety during the week of April 20 through 24. 

The organizations will be using a campaign, “Watch for Us,” to draw attention to the more than 700 people killed in roadway work zones, according the the website. Their plan is to inform highway and roadway users of the dangers of distracted driving in and near construction work zones. The group will use social media and other communications, as well as a toolkit that includes infographics, social media tools, testimonials, and other resources.

“Roadway work zones use a variety of warning systems, barriers, and other traffic controls to make certain drivers and work zones stay separated, but it just takes a moment of distraction for an accident to happen and for lives to be changed forever.”

ACPA encourages all members, chapters and technology partners to join in the campaign. Look for the hashtag #WatchforUs, and engage in the campaign by following ACPA on Twitter and Facebook during the week of April 20.

* American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, American Highway Users Association, American Road & Transportation Builders Association, American Road & Transportation Builders Association, American Traffic Safety Services Association, Asphalt Institute, Asphalt Pavement Alliance, Associated Equipment Distributors, Associated General Contractors of America, Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Foundation for Pavement Preservation, Green Building Initiative, Highway Materials Group, Laborers Health & Safety Fund of North America, National Center for Asphalt Technology, National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, State Asphalt Pavement Associations, The Road Information Program, and Women of Asphalt.

Overlay Webinar a Great Success

With the goal of providing education & training during these challenging times, ACPA, the CP Tech Center and the ACPA affiliated chapters mobilized to present the first in a five-part series on concrete pavement overlays.

The combined effort resulted in 492 participants in the hour long presentation yesterday. The CP TEch Center provided the content and presented the webinar, ACPA provided marketing support, and the Chapters provided contacts and helped boost the participation among agencies, consultants and members. Scott Mueller, Chrissy Mysko and Andy Gieraltowski, used an innovative web-based system to customize messaging and invitations and worked with closely with the chapters to drive demand and assure seamless registration and delivery.

The next webinar in the series is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14. Details will be announced shortly, Scott says. 

On a parellel path, Eric Ferebee, Andy and Chrissy are working to post past ACPA webinars on the web. The full catalog of offerings, organized by major topics, will be available free of charge. Details will be announced by email  and featured in ACPA TODAY.

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