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ACPA Participates in Infrastructure Discussion

ACPA participated in discussion forum that presented the “Prospects for Infrastructure in the 116th Congress.”  Co-hosted by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and No Labels(1), the forum included two panels, one comprised of Members of Congress; the other comprised of infrastructure stakeholders.  

The conversation with Members of Congress was moderated by the Hon. Tom Davis (former Republican House member representing Virginia’s 11th District and No Labels Co-Founder). The discussion included comments and questions with Rep. John Katko (R-NY-24); Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR-5), and Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA-16).

The discussion with infrastructure stakeholders was moderated by President and CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation. Other panelists included Stephen Roy, President Sales Region Americas, Volvo Construction Equipment; Wes Stowers, CEO of Stowers Machinery Corporation; Dr. Alison Black, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, ARTBA; and Ed Mortimer, Vice President, Transportation and Infrastructure, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Transportation Mobility Coalition.

During the Q&A portion of the first panel discussion, Leif Wathne, ACPA Executive Vice President, presented a question and presented information about the RAMP proposal(2) developed by the Hon. Norm Mineta and others. He framed around the question and comments in the context renewing the commitment to our nation’s highways and other infrastructure. The first panel was recorded and aired on C-SPAN. Click here to view the panel discussion, including the Q&A portion.

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(1) Founded in 2010, No Labels is an organization focused on transcending political lines to “usher in a new era of focused problem solving in American politics,” according to Wikipedia.
(2) For more details about the RAMP proposal, see the news brief, Presentation Outlines a Viable Plan for Interstate Highway Investment, published in ACPA TODAY on Jan. 23.

Letter to Congress: Prioritize Infrastructure Investment

ACPA was one of almost 150 stakeholders to co-sign a letter from the Infrastructure Working Group(1) in urging Congress to take up and pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill that will improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of our nation’s infrastructure. The letter was addressed to key Leadership of the House and Senate, and urges Republicans and Democrats to unite to develop and pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill that addresses six areas, including:

  • Federal investments;
  • Federal infrastructure accounts, including the Highway Trust Fund; 
  • Funding mechanisms, such as municipal bonds;  
  • Private investment in infrastructure, 
  • Creating efficiencies while continuing to environmental protections, and; 
  • Encouraging active participation at all levels of government and among the public and private sectors.

Click here to see the letter.

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(1) Organized by the Association of General Contractors of America and the National Association of Manufacturers, the group is organized to advocate to Congress the critical need for comprehensive infrastructure legislation. 


FMCSA Approves HOS Exemptions

ACPA received notice yesterday that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has approved our request for two exemptions to the agency’s hours of service (HOS) regulations.

The two exemptions are related to the 30-minute break requirement and the 12 hour daily on-duty limit on the short-haul exception. More specifically, the exemptions:

  • Enable drivers transporting ready mixed concrete and related materials and equipment in vehicles other than those outfitted with rotating mixer drums, to use 30 minutes or more of on-duty ‘‘waiting time’’ to satisfy the requirement for the 30- minute rest break, provided they do not perform any other work during the break.
  • Allow drivers to use the short-haul exception but return to their work reporting location within 14 hours instead of the prescribed 12 hours.

Please note that drivers must keep a copy of the Fed. Reg. notice in their truck cabs at all times to give to enforcement officials to preclude any confusion about what rules apply.  The exemptions also preempt any state or local HOS regulations to the contrary. Finally, drivers must return to the work reporting location and be released from work within 14 consecutive hours.

The exemptions are applicable starting today, February 6, and expire on February 6, 2024. Please click here to view the FMCSA’s notice of final disposition and grant of the application for exemptions, as published in the Federal Register.

As reported previously in ACPA TODAY, ACPA last year formed an Hours of Service (HOS) task group, which crafted and submitted the petition for proposed exemptions to FMCSA’s HOS requirements. FMCSA published ACPA’s exemption request and invited comments. ACPA members and affiliates posted comments in support of the petition, as did AGC & ARTBA officials, at ACPA’s request. 

ACPA thanks the HOS task group members, along with Association members and non-members. We also extend thanks to officials from AGC and ARTBA for their support of this effort.


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NACA Sponsors Congressional Meet & Greet

The North American Concrete Alliance (NACA) held a “Meet and Greet” Monday afternoon.  The event provided an opportunity to welcome Members of the 116th Congress and for concrete industry representatives to visit informally with new and returning Members and staffers.  The list of Representatives who attended the function include:

  • Brian Babin (R-TX-36)
  • Mike Bost (R-IL-12)
  • Tim Burchett (R-TN-2)
  • Rodney Davis (R-IL-13)
  • Mike Gallagher (R-WI-8)
  • David Joyce (R-OH-14)
  • Rick Larsen (D-WA-2)
  • Daniel Lipinski (D-IL-3)
  • Carol Miller (R-WV-3)
  • Scott Perry (R-PA-4)
  • Lloyd Smucker (R-PA-16)
  • Ross Spano (R-FL-15)
  • Pete Stauber (R-MN-8)
  • Steve Watkins (R-KS-2)
  • Daniel Webster (R-FL-11)
  • Rob Woodall (R-GA-7)

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* The North American Concrete Alliance is a coalition of 12 concrete-related associations formed in 2004 for the purpose of addressing industry-wide concerns & initiatives in the areas of research, safety, education, and government affairs. The coalition is comprised of the American Concrete Pavement Association, American Concrete Pipe Association, American Concrete Pressure Pipe Association, American Concrete Pumping Association, Concrete Foundations Association, Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, National Concrete Masonry Association, National Precast Concrete Association, National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Portland Cement Association, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, and Tilt-Up Concrete Association.

ACPA Endorses Nason as FHWA Administrator

The Hon. Nicole Nason, nominee for FHWA Administrator. (Photo: US State Dept.)

ACPA has announced its support for Nicole R. Nason, who was nominated to serve as the next Administrator of the FHWA.

Nason is the former National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator (NHTSA); previously served on the Board of Directors of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD); and has vast experience with both the Executive and Legislative branches of the Federal government.

“ACPA has long advocated, for safe, efficient highways, and in that spirit, we support the nomination of Nicole Nason as the next FHWA Administrator,” said ACPA President & CEO Gerald F. Voigt, P.E.  “Ms. Nason’s experience and accomplishments make her well-suited to lead the FHWA in its mission to reduce traffic fatalities on U.S. highways,” Voigt said, adding, “Her experience also will  prove valuable to the FHWA as it continues to usher in new technologies, including autonomous vehicles and other innovations that can improve the safety, functionality, and efficiency of the nation’s highways.   

“In addition to service and accomplishments at NHTSA, the depth and breadth of Ms. Nason’s service in leadership roles in the Federal government also will prove to be valuable for the FHWA, state transportation agencies, and the traveling public,” Voigt said.

“We look forward to a rapid confirmation and welcome the opportunity to work with Ms. Nason as the 26th FHWA Administrator,” he added.

ACPA has communicated its support of Nason with a press release and social media posts.

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