Throughout the year, ACPA-affiliated Chapters hold workshops, conferences, and other events that provide members, agencies/owners, consultants and others with tremendous opportunities to learn more about the best practices, new resources, emerging technologies, developing trends, and more.

Beginning with this issue of ACPA TODAY, we are including a few highlights of these events.  Our goal is to provide insights into the major topics discussed, while also sharing other details, including the innovative and creative things the Chapter executives and staff are doing to make these events even more valuable to attendees and guests.

As you read their stories, please consider that registration totals can be impacted by travel policies, weather, and a number of other factors.  The real story about the attendees is that Chapters are drawing the ‘A-list’ of customers, members, and other stakeholders who are not only important to the success of the event, but to the concrete pavement industry throughout the United States.

Our reports are in order of information received, so given the workloads and schedules of the chapter executives and staff, the events are not in chronological order.  Click the links below to see the stories about the great work ACPA Chapters are doing.  Also, don’t miss additional stories in future issues of ACPA TODAY.