ACPA ON THE GRADE spoke with Scott Mueller, ACPA VP of Marketing, for additional insights on the Change Management and Social Media/Communications seminars from the ACPA Mid-Year Meeting last week. These fun, interactive and engaging sessions yielded some useful information that will be key to marketing and local promotion efforts. We asked how the two events set the stage for those marketing and promotion efforts.

“We recognize that no two chapters are alike and that each chapter has unique needs,” he says.  “While we recognize that uniqueness, we also need to have some common threads that tie our marketing and promotion efforts together in logical and productive ways.  The change management seminar gave us the opportunity to gauge some of the changes occurring in the marketplace so that we can better meet those needs.”

Asked about some of the unanticipated outcomes, Scott says, “We did not expect some of the discussion topics to cross so many different interest areas.  For example, workforce development was a strong topic and a high priority among the 13 topics discussed by the small groups, but it also appeared as a priority among other discussion groups.”

“The social media/communications seminars also provided the opportunity to gain additional insights from chapters and members, while also providing us the opportunity to share new ways of looking at customer engagement and communications,” he says, adding that results from an ACPA social media survey also provided useful insights into communications preferences, as well as the challenges and opportunities of communicating with audience groups that span a wide range of roles and disciplines in the transportation-construction community, as well as different demographics.  

“We learned from the survey and saw from the participation that 80 to 85 percent of people are willing to try something new,” Scott says.  The survey and group discussions also suggest concern about time management and a strong need for help with content development, he adds.  “We took away a great willingness among members and affiliates to support the effort.”

Photo: Dan King, Iowa Concrete Paving Association, presents the top issues on educational programming, one of 13 major topics discussed by small groups during ACPA’s Change Management Seminar.