An event held last week  in Denver drew more than 500 invited guests who gathered to celebrate Concrete Industry Day.  

Colorado Governor Jared Polis recently issued a proclamation, which declared April 23 as Concrete Industry Day, which helped raised awareness about the importance of the concrete industry to the state of Colorado’s economic growth and sustainable development practices.  

A barbecue, perfect spring weather and plenty of good cheer added to the celebratory mood of the event, which was sponsored by ACPA-Colorado/Wyoming Chapter, the Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association, and the American Concrete Pipe Association. Attendees included Colorado legislators, non-partisan staff from the legislative council, Colorado State Patrol officers assigned to the Capitol, building maintenance personnel, and other state employees, along with association members and staff who gathered on the lawn of the State Capitol. 

In issuing the proclamation, the governor  recognized the importance of concrete to the state. The proclamation reads in part: “The State of Colorado recognizes the ready mixed concrete industry as important to furthering development in our state and appreciates the hard work, dedication, and the efficiency of its employees…”  The event also provided the industry groups the opportunity to recognize the hard work of the Colorado Legislature and their staff members, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of the concrete industry to the state of Colorado’s economic growth and sustainable development practices. 

“Concrete is a part of so many things we build,” Governor Polis said in advance of the event. “The concrete industry is an important contributor to Colorado’s infrastructure, economy, and future. We look forward to celebrating at the Concrete Day at the Capitol BBQ and recognizing the thousands of employees that are making a difference in our state.”

During the event, Gov. Polis welcomed participates and wished everyone a happy Concrete Day, exclaiming, “We count on Colorado concrete!”

“I signed a budget just last week that invests $300 million in transportation and infrastructure across our state,” he says, adding, “We are excited to work with you and others in a coalition to make sure we have the resources to meet infrastructure needs, not only where our state is today, but also where we expect to be in 5 years, 10 years and 20 years.  We see you as an important partner in helping us achieve that goal.”

Click here to watch a video featuring the Governor’s remarks.