The ACPA Board of Directors has approved a plan to reorganize ACPA’s committee and task force structure. Although the previous committee structure worked well for many years, the ACPA Strategic Advisory Committee and ACPA staff have received questions and comments, and also identified some challenges with the system. 

In response, the SAC, led by Vice Chairman David Howard (Koss Construction), worked with ACPA staff to develop a plan to realign our committees. 2019 Chairman Jim Mack (CEMEX), 2020 Chairman Greg McCormick, and 2020 2nd Vice Chair Ed Griffith also assisted with the effort. ACPA staff, including Andy Gieraltowski, Leif Wathne, Scott Mueller, Bill Davenport and Eric Ferrebee, were involved in the plan development. 

The new committee structure will be based on key roles: governance and operations; functional committees; market forums, and advisory committees. A brief video was prepared and shown at the recent ACPA Annual Meeting to provide more detail about the new committee structure. Click here to see the 3-minute animated video.