Imagine a pavement so strong you it could bear the load of a commercial airline or a military tank.   A pavement so thin that a section no thicker than a soda can could carry tens of thousands of trucks and cars for year.  Imagine a paving material that can be colored and decorated to blend into a beautiful a cityscape design.   Imagine no more. This is concrete pavement.

Consider these common applications, then explore the construction strategies that can be used with each of these applications, as well as the underlying technologies that make these uses possible.

  • Highways
    ACPA members are passionate about America’s highways, and for good reason. ACPA built the first Interstate highway sections in America, but that’s only the beginning. From connecting rural and urban areas to increasing personal mobility and speeding the delivery of products to market, concrete pavements have been used to build, rehab, and preserve hard-working highways. For divided urban and rural highways to state and county facilities–and a wide range of collectors, feeders, and more, concrete is the right choice for America’s highways. Strategies | Technologies 
  • 12-5-11 060-webAirports
    It’s no wonder that so many airports rely on concrete pavements. After all, when you’re about to land a 300 ton commercial aircraft, there should be no question about the strength and reliability of the pavement reliability.  Concrete pavements deliver the strength, durability, and versatility that commercial, military, and regional/general aviation airports demand. Strategies | Technologies 
  • Streets & Roads
    The longest-lasting and roads in America are built with concrete pavements. From the first concrete pavement built in 1892 to many others that are over Nall15-weba century old, concrete pavements provide safe, reliable service to cities; townships and villages; military installations, and counties.  Concrete pavements offer versatile, long lasting solutions for just about any type of street or road…and in any setting.   Looking to enhance the beauty and performance?  For projects large or small, high volume or low, concrete pavements answer the call with quality solutions.  Strategies | Technologies  
  • Industrial Pavements
    Distribution centers; test tracks and race tracks; toll plazas; and other large-scale industrial facilities RCCP Nanshan-2013-webcan be brutal proving grounds for pavements. Unfortunately flexible pavements are not a good match for heavy loads, vehicles with tight turning radiuses, and other conditions that call for long-lasting, strong concrete pavements. Concrete pavements—backed by a professional network offering technical and design services—can solve even the most challenging requirements. Strategies | Technologies 
  • Commercial Pavements
    Ever wonder why you’re resealing, repairing, and even replacing your large-scale asphalt pavement parking lots so often?  Versatile, long-lasting concrete pavements can help you stop the endless cycle of eLongmont-CO-JJohnson-webxpensive
    maintenance and repair, as well as the even more expensive job of replacing.  Some of these solutions can even use your existing asphalt parking lot as a base material. Strategies | Technologies  




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