A group of about 40 members and promoters from ACPA, PCA and NRMCA gathered for a paving summit near the ACPA office in Rosemont recently. The ACPA board of directors and chapter/state committee, as well as the leadership and staff of the other associations, were well-represented at the meeting. 

Participants presented ideas and discussed the most critical priorities for promotion in the paving market. The summit reinforced and refined the overall strategy of working together more effectively and defining roles more clearly, while also sharpening the focus on specific strategies for promoting cement and concrete-based pavement solutions. Here are the summit’s key outcomes: 

  • Working in partnership with PCA and NRMCA, ACPA will lead a small group to review and update the state-by-state market potential analysis that ACPA authored in 2015, and which drew upon the original PricewaterhouseCoopers market plan for pavement promotion.  The intent is to inform decisions on where focusing more boots on the ground for promotion may produce the largest market impact.
  • ACPA will lead a team of volunteers from the summit to organize and refine the list of promotional ideas generated during the discussion.  The intent is to inform decisions on what promotional tactics are recommended as part of the proposal to produce the largest impact.

These efforts will contribute to a proposal being developed by ACPA in partnership with PCA and NRMCA for enhanced pavement promotion. Based on the consensus from the summit, the proposal will include a significant emphasis on “boots on the street” promotion, while also increasing efforts to inform customers of the advantages of healthy industry competition in pavement material type selection. 

The proposal, which is being developed over the course of the next few weeks, will be presented to the PCA Board of Directors at their next meeting scheduled during the association’s summer meetings set for Aug. 28 and 29.

“We’re enthusiastic about the progress we made, as well as the strong support for moving forward together in a clear, positive and productive manner,” says Jerry Voigt, ACPA President and CEO. “We’re confident the addition of a new promotion plan to our efforts already underway will greatly benefit the members of all three associations.”