Silver Award – Taxiways F & G Rehabilitation Project at Denver International Airport

Contractor: Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.*

Owner: City and County of Denver, Department of Aviation

Engineer: Jviation

Located on the west side of Denver International Airport (DIA) Concourses, Taxiways F and G provide access to all the westside runways. The taxiways are heavily used by aircraft at all times of the year, but during winter months, they also provide access to critical deicing pads. Because of the importance of these taxiways, close attention to detail and quality construction were extremely important considerations.

The project scope removal and replacement of about 22,000 SY of 17 in. and 21 in.-thick concrete panels, repair of 123,000 linear feet of joint seals, and electrical system renovation.  The project required grading and drainage upgrades to comply with FAA criteria, repair and adjustment of utility structures, and 13 acres of seed and mulch. The total project cost was about $10.7 million, with the pavement amounting to about $5.3 million.

Interstate Highway Construction had a total of nine milestones, five major phases with additional sub-phases for the pavement construction and restoration.  The contractor met or exceeded the milestones, in spite of challenges posed by the staging phase and sub-phase.  For example, some subsections were located in the middle of others, so IHC had to complete some sections out of order—and had to begin some sections at the same time—to meet the milestones.  With the risk of liquidated damages of $75,000 and $25,000/day, IHC’s hard work and attention detail enabled crews to finish all the work within on time and some sections ahead of schedule. 

The project required a 100% quality control inspection with random quality assurance inspections, and because of the close communication and cooperation between the owner’s representatives, both quality and safety were hallmarks of the project.

* ACPA member.