In this week’s coverage of Chapter events, we’re pleased to highlight the Utah Chapter’s 18th annual workshop, held at the Sheraton Hotel on Feb. 20.

Chairman Cody Preston (Geneva Rock Products) kicked off the event, which included opening sessions by Kris Peterson, Director of Project Development for the Utah DOT.  He spoke about “UDOT Funding and Concrete Project Development for the Future.”  

Breakout sessions followed and were organized into three categories:  Excellence in Paving; Building to Last, and Technology and Innovation. In the “Excellence” session, six presentations covered some of the top airport, highway and road construction and rehab projects. 

In the “Building to Last” session, presentations included, “Getting Pavement Right: It Starts with Sampling,” and “LTAP:  A Resource for Better Work.” In the “Technology and Innovation” session, Dr. Shaun Dustin presented on, and was followed by Dr. Mike Darter, who presented on key distress types in concrete pavements … and how to avoid them.

Carlos Braceras, Executive Director of the Utah DOT and current President of AASHTO, was the keynote luncheon speaker, sharing perspectives on transportation construction in Utah, while also providing a national perspective. Matt Morrison of GOMACO followed with a presentation on paving machine technology, “Where we are, how we got here, and where we are headed.” Leif Wathne ended the presentation portion of the workshop with remarks about ASCE’s Grand Challenge, which is at enhancing the performance and value of infrastructure projects over their life cycles by 2025, as well as fostering the optimization of infrastructure investments for society.

The program ended with closing remarks and door prizes. The Utah Chapter workshop has grown into a popular and well-attended workshop, offering attendees a great opportunity for tech transfer/education, discussion of timely topics, and networking. 


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