Muskogee Turnpike (MU-MC-42), Wagoner County, OK
Contractor: Koss Construction Company
Owner: Oklahoma Turnpike Authority
Engineer: Craig & Keithline, Inc.

The construction of this project on Oklahoma’s The Muskogee Turnpike was a challenging project that required a major commitment from Koss Construction and their subcontractors. Plans called for the project to be completed in 370 days, however, days were added to the contract for additional work that was added to the contract after work was in progress.

Koss was tasked with removing the existing four lane highway, which was a difficult and time-consuming operation. The existing concrete was crushed and used as aggregate base in the roadbed. Crushing the existing pavement and reusing it as aggregate base proved to be both cost effective and environmentally responsible, as it reduced the amount of virgin aggregate by 100,000 tons.

Koss placed the 10.5 in. doweled, jointed concrete pavement over 12 in. of base material. In all, Koss crews placed 450,300 SY of concrete, for the construction of 36.32 lane miles of highway pavement. The project was divided into five phases of construction, with each phase divided into two parts.

The contractor’s control department continually testing the concrete to ensure a quality pavement was constructed. Koss QC Technicians used a type B pressure pot and a Super Air Meter to monitor air content and air spacing in the plastic concrete.

Koss project superintendents regularly talked with landowners and business owners to keep them informed before any traffic switches or lane closures were activated. Arrow boards were placed at the beginning of the project in both directions to benefit the traveling public.

The skill and hard work of the project team resulted in a quality reconstruct of this important toll highway.