Beginning in 2003, as the result of a mandate by the Arizona state governor, the Arizona DOT began covering up the Phoenix Freeway System with rubberized asphalt.

Today, the results of that decision are hitting home with the rubberized asphalt raveling off the roadway and breaking a lot of windshields.

In response to the issue, there are two projects that involve removal of the rubberized asphalt, followed by diamond grinding of the underlying concrete pavement. The first and smaller project was on SR202 EB and consisted of 140,000 sq yds of diamond grinding.

The current project is on the Price Freeway (SR101) and consists of 500,000 sq yds of diamond grinding.

The Price Freeway is a design-build project being constructed by Pulice Construction, Inc. The original project included replacing the rubberized asphalt surface as the final surface, but the contractor, Pulice Construction, Inc., requested a change order to install diamond grinding as the final surface. The diamond grinding is almost half done at this time. Both projects have been diamond ground by Diamond Surface, Inc.*

A second design build project has also requested a change order, and if approved, this would add another 1,000,000 sq yds of diamond grinding to the Phoenix area.


* ACPA/IGGA member.