Silver Award – I-440 from Arkansas River Bridge to 140 , Little Rock Ark.

Contractor: Koss Construction Company*

Owner:  Arkansas Department of Transportation

Engineer: Bridgefarmer & Associates Engineering

Koss Construction Company had the challenge of reconstructing the concrete pavement on a very busy stretch of Interstate 440 on the east side of Little Rock, Ark.  

Facing a tight schedule, tough access and high standards, the team needed to assemble quickly and intentionally to have a shot at a successful project. Using a majority of local subcontractors and suppliers, Koss hit the ground running as soon as temperatures allowed.  They removed the rumble strips by milling and filling with a magnesium-phosphate based patching material.  After the traffic was switched, it was time to remove the old pavement and make ready for new.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation placed a huge emphasis on the time of construction by bidding it with the A+C method. With a daily road user cost set by the owner at $35,000 per day, Koss bid to complete this project in just 294 calendar days. Every minute counted as the team began to remove and replace over 208,000 SY of pavement along 19 lane miles.

Many issues compounded the complexity of this project, but none more than requirement to match the inside lane profile to the existing 27 year-old concrete shoulder that the owner wanted to remain in place. By carefully planning the removal and reconstruction of some of the most off-profile shoulder segments, the constructed pavement lane was able to meet thickness and smoothness requirements.

The concrete mix used on this project was as close to a Performance Engineered Mix as allowed under current ArDOT specifications. The mix was designed to have a low paste volume with low permeability and good air characteristics. FHWA was on site during paving and verified the quality mix through a battery of PEM tests which included super air meter (SAM), Box Test, Surface Resistivity, Rapid Chloride Permeability and Calorimetry.

* ACPA member.